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Huawei: how happy are the residents living in smart Longgang

in the spring of 1992, an old man planted an evergreen banyan tree in Shenzhen Xianhu botanical garden. This tree, rooted in the special zone, became more and more verdant and dazzling. It was covered like an umbrella, carrying the old man's deep hopes for the cause of reform and opening up of the motherland, and witnessing the glorious process of Shenzhen growing into an international city. Over the past 30 years, the center of Shenzhen's urban development has been the western region represented by Luohu District and Futian District. With the comprehensive opening of the curtain of Shenzhen's Eastward Strategy, Longgang District, as the center of the East, is also poised to become the most dazzling landmark in Shenzhen's future development

Longgang District is located in the northeast of Shenzhen, the geometric center of Shenzhen Dongguan Huicheng city circle on the East Bank of the Pearl River Estuary, and is the bridgehead radiating East Guangdong and West China economic zones in the strategic deployment of Shenzhen's eastward advance. In order to fully strive for the initiative in the implementation of the Eastward Strategy, activate the late development advantage, and achieve more scientific, intelligent and refined urban management, Longgang District has chosen Huawei, which has the world's leading ICT solutions and the most complete product line in the industry, to build an open and integrated basic support platform for smart Longgang, provide a solid information security foundation, and gather excellent partner resources in various fields. Since then, a new ICT has deeply rooted in Longgang, which makes the city more intelligent

Longgang is bright: Urban happiness triggered by wisdom

the scorching summer in October in southern China is still hot, but the sight of people rushing to and from the administrative service hall has never been interrupted by the high temperature. If only I could go through the formalities once and wait for the approval result at home! If only I could finish the declaration without leaving home! These good things that can only be thought of have now become a new life that people in Longgang District enjoy talking about after dinner. A wise Longgang can not help but brighten people's eyes

the one window administrative approval service platform is one of the most intuitive changes brought about by the smart city strategy. Simple matters do not need to go to the site, and complex matters are handled at one time -- in line with this original intention, Longgang District broke the traditional mode of handling business through special windows of departments in the past, put forward the idea of transferring approval around projects, and realized the transformation of smart government from multi location and multi window acceptance to one-stop acceptance at the front desk and assisted by division of labor at the back desk by successively integrating more than 50 Department data and optimizing more than 500 service matters, It saves the applicant the trouble of running back and forth and repeating the declaration

take the application for issuing the second child birth certificate as an example: before the transformation, the applicant needs to go to the community window to handle the certificate review, and then to the neighborhood family planning office window to submit the form to the District Family Planning Bureau. After the review is completed, the form will be returned to the neighborhood family planning office before the applicant can be notified to receive the review results, which consumes a lot of manpower and time costs. After the transformation, the applicant only needs to go to a window in the street to go through the formalities once, and then he can go home and wait for notice. At present, Longgang residents have been able to handle more than 600 government services such as temporary residence permit, birth certificate and provident fund withdrawal through the one window platform, and the public satisfaction has also risen by more than 95%

this one window platform built on Huawei's leading cloud platform can not only centrally handle the work of various windows and different approval links, but also automatically remind the relevant approval departments if there are problems in business processing, and push it to the business supervisor interface for manual verification and follow-up supervision. While greatly improving the active service awareness of functional departments, we have put an end to stubborn problems such as two-way acceptance and overtime settlement, and significantly improved the efficiency of government service. By connecting the municipal and district systems, the sharing and transfer of general government information resources can be realized, which not only avoids the repeated construction of the database, but also greatly shortens the time of material verification. In addition, the introduction of multi-channel service channels such as the service hall, mobile app, and other intelligent terminal devices, as well as queuing, intelligent guidance, self-service, video monitoring, etc., has created an all-round intelligent service experience for Longgang residents

from a comprehensive point of view, Longgang one window government service has realized business integration and process optimization of multiple departments. One window accepts all kinds of businesses, changes the physical concentration of space and places into the reconstruction of the approval service structure, solves the problem of multiple runs with one window, and truly realizes the online processing mode of simple matters without going to the site, and complex matters only go to the site once, which can be described as one window benefiting the people's livelihood

in addition, the spring breeze of smart city construction is also warm in the fields of social security, health care, culture and education, etc. Smart education aims to reach 400000 students in 93 schools in the region, and is promoting the balanced development of education through the comprehensive promotion of cloud classroom and the construction of supporting resource system; In terms of smart medicine, appointment and waiting, electronization of medical records and informatization of archives have been realized. At present, telemedicine and residents' mobile health services are being fully deployed; The smart community pilot has also achieved initial results in many communities, and is gradually realizing a unified smart community platform in the region

according to statistics, more than 80% of cities take smart cities as the strategic guidance to accelerate economic development and transformation during the 12th Five Year Plan period. The construction of new smart cities has become the only way for urban sustainable development. The new smart city is a concrete embodiment of the people-centered urban development values, a deep integration of new technologies and urban governance concepts, and a transformation from technology to concept, from management to service, and from business to data. Smart Longgang is just starting from smart governance, innovating and cultivating in the place closest to people's livelihood, making people's happiness the best standard to measure the sustainable development of the city, and making people's smiles the inexhaustible source of irrigation for smart new town

turning complexity into one: Wisdom opens the way for urban governance

Longgang District, which is in the critical period of the integration of the special zone and the development of economic transformation, has the characteristics of urbanization and decentralized and intensive economic development. The public is increasingly concerned about urban diseases such as population expansion, traffic congestion and uneven educational resources. Faced with the pressure from social governance, urban management, ecological optimization, industrial development and other aspects, Longgang District has decisively chosen the development strategy of smart city, carried out comprehensive cooperation with Huawei, and embarked on an urban construction path of turning complexity into one. With the help of the cloud and big data platform built by Huawei, urban management has changed from extensive to refined, and from preventive and control management to humanized and service-oriented management. In addition to the window just mentioned to benefit people's livelihood, it also presents a number of effective smart applications

one database gathers tens of thousands. The cloud data center is an important cornerstone for building a smart Longgang. In the face of the huge data resources spread across various public institutions, building a unified basic database is the first. Through docking the stock data of Shenzhen Municipal and Longgang District government departments, after in-depth data cleaning, comparison and correlation, Longgang District has collected more than 160million data records of municipal and district departments, sorted out 215 information systems, and gradually woven a vertical and horizontal data neural network

in the smart center integrating data center, operation center and Exhibition Center, big data analysis means are completely and deeply presenting the economic and social operation status of Longgang District. Integrating the reconstructed data can restore the true portraits of people and enterprises, realize the correlation and mutual verification of the data of people, objects, events and other urban elements, continuously improve the data quality, and fully stimulate the potential value of data resources. The implementation of government big data in Longgang District provides a solid support for breaking the information barriers between departments and realizing cross department business collaboration

one screen views the whole city. In order to ensure that smart applications in the whole region can obtain real-time updated map services, smart Longgang has built the second cornerstone - a space-time information sharing platform integrating two-dimensional, three-dimensional and real scene information. The platform widely covers buildings, population, enterprises, video monitoring points, innovative industrial buildings, potential safety hazards, major hazard sources and other fields. It provides map services to all departments through a unified service interface, and receives and accumulates the application results of all departments. The special application of safety hazard management developed based on the platform can present more than 2000 safety hazard data collected from 9 departments on the map, providing an important basis for the special work of safety management in Longgang District

one cloud convergence application has two cornerstones: convergence and mapping, and typical applications in key industries in the region have sprung up one after another. The one window platform described above is one of them

in the field of intelligent comprehensive management and stability maintenance, we used big data to classify, count and analyze the indicators such as letters and visits, contradictions and disputes, and realized the supervision and assessment of the whole process. By building an information collection terminal management and command system, we conducted linkage command on the disposal of non emergency events, and improved the accuracy of comprehensive social management

in the field of intelligent emergency, the comprehensive emergency management system 7.4.2 with Longgang District comprehensive emergency command system as the center and each special emergency command platform as the node is sampled according to table 4, realizing the emergency management mechanism of unified command, sensitive response, comprehensive dispatching, joint disposal, orderly coordination and efficient operation of emergencies, and comprehensively improving the government's comprehensive emergency management level

in the field of intelligent policing, the security sharing of public security, video specialists and Internet data resources has been realized. A scientific and technological enclosure system including license plate recognition and portrait recognition is under construction. The first UAV squadron in Longgang District has also appeared. The deepening and promotion of intelligent policing has significantly improved the level of practical application

in the field of smart urban management, urban management elements, urban management process, urban management decision-making, etc. have been implemented in an all-round way, and the video resources shared by the public security departments have been used to improve the urban management and law enforcement system and monitor violations in public places, providing an important foundation for law enforcement evidence collection and data analysis and application

in the field of intelligent safety supervision, there is a three-tier prevention system integrating comprehensive supervision of work safety, remote monitoring and early warning of major hazard installations and emergency rescue command information support

in the field of intelligent fire protection, intelligent fire protection with fire management information system as the center has injected new strength into data interconnection, mass prevention and treatment and standardized law enforcement

one map complies with multiple regulations. The multi planning coordination system of smart Longgang has realized the planning coordination mechanism of 7 departments, including development and reform, land planning and urban management. It integrates 12 major plans, including urban planning, overall land use planning and ecological environment protection planning. It implements the management strategy of one plan and one blueprint, ensuring the effective allocation of space resources and the intensive use of land. The government investment project approval mode of multi compliance has changed the problems of difficult project implementation and long cycle, so that the approval of investment and construction projects was reduced from 120 days to nearly 1/3 on november18,2016, saving valuable time and funds for the construction unit and opening the best channel for government approval for sustainable urban development

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