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It has become an indisputable fact for the development of the times to see how foreign printing enterprises engage in direct mail business, transforming from traditional marketing to digital marketing strategies and channels. According to a recent report from the direct marketing association, the expenses spent by the Winterberry group on various digital marketing directories between 2007 and 2009 have maintained an average annual growth of more than 10%. During the same period, the company's investment in traditional direct mail products decreased by an average of 10.7%, while the investment in print advertising decreased by nearly 20%. For 2011, winterbury Group expects to spend 21% more on digital marketing than in 2010, and the cost on direct mail may increase by 1% ~ 4%

the problem presented by this trend is far from the difference in growth range. These evidences show that the digital market promotion is growing and invading the cost of traditional market promotion forms, including direct mail, due to the construction of section 1 of phase 1 project under the general contract of Hangxiao steel structure. A recent survey conducted by Forrester Research showed that 60% of marketers said they would increase their budgets for digital marketing and reduce their investment in traditional marketing methods. 40% of the respondents said they would cut the cost of direct mail advertising

bid farewell to the practice of direct mail, reflecting that the digital marketing method has been closely linked with the Internet era. This also shows that in the eyes of many people, direct mail is no longer an effective and powerful marketing tool

no one will question the existence of digital marketing technology. For many enterprises, this has become a very important form of marketing in 2012. In the future, these promotion methods will become more and more important. However, it should be noted that many perceptions about the efficiency of direct mail are wrong and reliable. In fact, a large number of studies have shown that many potential buyers prefer to receive promotional information through direct mail advertising rather than digital marketing. For marketing service providers, especially those whose services include direct mail products, the challenge now is how to convince the growing skeptical audience that direct mail is still a very valuable way in the marketing system

to establish an effective service system by direct mail, a key problem is to avoid being regarded as a cheerleader in the form of marketing by your customers and customers. I believe we have all met such cheerleaders. These are some marketing service providers. They are generally good at some marketing form or strategy, so they stubbornly believe that this form or strategy is the best solution to all marketing problems or challenges. The problem is that once you indulge in it, your credit will decline, and your customers and customers will no longer trust your suggestions

the correct way to carry out direct mail business should first turn yourself into an unbiased marketing consultant. You should provide unique suggestions to your customers and customers based on your knowledge. You need to be able to do so at any time so that you can provide the best service to your customers and customers. Then, at an appropriate time, you can prove the efficiency and value of direct mail by using the supporting evidence that the consumption of domestic waste has increased significantly

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