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On the basis of choosing the overall bathroom, mastering a few tips can create a perfect small bathroom with both beauty and practicality. Now let's start

on the basis of choosing the overall bathroom and mastering several tips, you can create a perfect small bathroom with both beauty and practicality. Start now

multiple mirrors extend the space

it is not uncommon to install mirrors in the bathroom, but it is rare to install mirrors on two or even three walls. Needless to say, this is the simplest and best understood decoration method. The reflective effect of the mirror makes the space transparent and bright. Boloni designers creatively placed several mirrors in the bathroom space, making the owner's daily grooming and dressing full of fun - many mirrors to find another side of himself

color matching highlights fashion

visual enjoyment comes more from the harmonious matching of colors and lines. Ceramic tiles are the largest carrier of color and line dancing in bathroom space. Add a tile horizontally into the dark tiles, and the dull feeling of the small space is immediately swept away. The raised twill on the surface of the tiles not only breaks the linear relationship between horizontal and vertical, but also makes the wall full of tension. The contrast of colors and lines is to make the small bathroom look fashionable and designed.

hanging furniture has more than one stone.

every inch of space in the small bathroom is very valuable. However, miscellaneous bathroom supplies must also be fully stored in a place. Using wall mounted bathroom furniture is a good choice. Boloni mirror cabinet combines bath mirror and wall cabinet, and its dual functions are very practical; The wall mounted basin cabinet not only has strong storage capacity, but also does not occupy ground space, which is very convenient for ground management

the glass curtain wall is skillfully divided inside and outside

for people who pay attention to the details of life, in the small bathroom space, the division of areas is particularly important. The independence of dry and wet areas will make life orderly. Bathtubs often occupy too much area. Use the shower screen to create a shower area, and make dry and wet natural zoning. Transparent resin glass not only has no impact on the visual effect of the bathroom, but also makes the bathroom appear in a bright posture, sweeping away the oppression of the small bathroom space. Dark mosaic not only constitutes the theme wall of bathroom, but also the exquisite decorative lines and visual extension of dry area. The decorations with strong natural flavor strengthen the sense of rhythm in the small bathroom





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