Tucson's overall woodwork integrates classical and

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The irregular space of the original building is integrated squarely and neatly. The magic cube mosaic on the ground and the European lamp panel on the top are combined with the French small carved Tucson wood finish

"integrate and collide the classical sense of French carving and lines with the fashionable sense of modern home furnishings and cloth art, so as to create a living environment and atmosphere for contemporary people that takes into account history and culture, force them to make public, take a low profile, express their connotation, but have a strong sense of quality, such a comfortable and comfortable life..."

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integrates the irregular space of the original building squarely and neatly. The magic cube mosaic on the ground and the European light plate on the top, combined with the French small carved Tucson wood finish, have a sense of ceremony at the first glance. Combined with large modern abstract oil painting, it is fashionable, and also greatly enhances the visual impact

the design of the entry cabinet adopts simple lines to make its edges and corners straight and clear, atmospheric and integral, and shoulder the storage function at the same time, so as to truly achieve practicality and beauty


dining room

the restaurant breaks the traditional design, continues the tone and shape of the entrance porch, matches the modern light luxury home, perfectly presents the exquisite woodwork and the artistic atmosphere of the home, highlights the low-key luxury, calm and elegant of the restaurant, adds a few points of modern artistic atmosphere, and displays the modern aesthetic feeling incisively and vividly

living room

living room

the living room adopts an open design, which is both coherent and relatively independent from the restaurant. The gray wood decorative background wall not only makes the style highly unified, but also presents an atmospheric style. Coupled with coffee main sofa, personalized single chair and other home furnishings, it forms a visual aesthetic feeling invisibly, adding a romantic and exquisite feeling to the whole space

master bedroom

master bedroom

in this full-bodied master bedroom, based on the wardrobe of high-grade gray, we boldly use high saturation vermilion and sapphire blue to add infinite charm and interest to the private personal space

children's room

children&39; S room

the grey pink wall, the unique lake blue bed and the round bedside table with white personality have injected romance and leisure into the children's room. The beautiful tone is like a child with a naive smiling face, showing a trace of beauty

old person room

old person room

the soft and warm home, coupled with neat and atmospheric wardrobe, gives the old person room a feeling of openness, practicality and comfort, and also gives the old person room elegance and stability, without losing the modern and fashionable mood



the style of the bathroom in the master bedroom and guest bedroom is unified. The gray basin cabinet, coupled with the marble of the same color, is perfectly integrated. Visually, it is neat and neat, showing a modern sense of fashion and modern design, as well as the exquisite craftsmanship of wood and stone

study room

study room

the atmospheric Tucson customized bookcase has novel overall shape, clear lines, and skillfully combines the bookcase with the desk. When the bright light shines into the study, it is more conducive to the comfortable and convenient reading experience, and also makes the study more tasteful



the aisle is still black and white and gray is the main color, maintaining the advantage of the original building floor height, with clear movement and static, smooth and convenient, so that the space forms a visual natural extension and artistic decoration, and also adds a sense of flexibility and rhythm to the space




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