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The activity of "passion for the Olympic Games, ceremony and appointment to join - Huiya joining month Rio Olympic special" was officially launched! Refined wooden door Peigao is made, and the gold medal is waiting for you during the Olympic Games

on August 6, Beijing time, the Rio Olympic Games officially opened! As a service provider in the Pan home furnishing industry, Huiya launched the activity of "passion for the Olympic Games, ceremony and appointment to join - Huiya joining month Rio Olympic special" at the same time, and joined hands with 300000 home furnishing manufacturers to cheer on Chinese Olympic athletes and create an online joining event in China's home furnishing industry

"joining month" is an online and offline linkage activity with the theme of "investment promotion and brand promotion" launched by Huiya media - Home hotline in August. Brands from aluminum doors and windows, wooden doors, whole wood home decoration, clothes and cabinets, wallpaper, wallpaper, curtains and other industries gather. In order to add weight to the event, manufacturers have launched "tough moves" one after another. 0 franchise fee, 0 deposit and low threshold are not enough, and then crazy gifts for opening, 360 degree full support,... Multiple discounts, waiting for you! Pegasus wooden door, gold medals are waiting for you during the Olympic Games

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during the Olympic Games, there are "reasons" for joining in:

1. Product advantages

pergo refined wooden door products are positioned in the medium and high-end market, mainly in fresh simple European and modern simple style, with original design and distinctive personality. Unlike many identical products in the market, they have pergo's unique product temperament

the product line covers two categories of paint free doors and paint doors, as well as extended products such as wall panels, from volume products with a retail price of about 1000 yuan to high-end products with a retail price of 5000-8000 yuan, meeting the two major market needs of engineering and home decoration

2. Quality advantage

Peco refined wood doors have always been known for their excellent product quality in the industry

the sales figures of many of our agents show that 40% of their customers are regular customers brought by quality reputation

3. Technical and quality advantages

in addition to having first-class technical equipment and R & D personnel, Peco also has long-term cooperation with the school of wood industry of Nanjing Forestry University to establish a special R & D team dedicated to the application of new materials, process reform, structural test, patent innovation and other aspects of research

now holds many important patents, such as silent wooden doors, special structural lines, etc

4. Unique process advantages: very important

traditional assembled doors are prone to structural process problems, such as seams and cracks at the joint, and the overall distortion and deformation of the door leaf. The unique double-sided balance process of Peco refined wood doors completely avoids the above problems and makes the door leaf stable and undeformed

5. Raw material advantages

there are two important innovations in the raw materials used in Peco refined wooden doors:

the door frame material uses LVL exported to Japanese standards. This material is used as the beam of wooden houses in Japan, and has strong deformation resistance, so as to ensure the long-term use, stability and deformation of door leaves

the door pocket material uses a high-quality whole multilayer board, and the nail holding force is much greater than that of ordinary solid wood finger joint material and density board, so as to ensure the long-term stable operation of the door leaf bearing system, and the door leaf does not sag and scratch the ground

industry experts believe that these two materials represent the development trend of raw materials in the wood door industry

6. Advantages of store design

the effect display and design ability of Peco's refined wooden doors are unique and refreshing in any market. We are very confident in this aspect

7. Advantages of service platform

Internet ordering system, order inquiry system, wechat marketing system, website self-service design system, 400 telephone return visit system... Make sales logistics simple and convenient, and make customers closer

8. Market support system

advertising support, promotion support, planning support, personnel support, design support... Most of the management personnel of Peco come from famous enterprises in the mature building materials industry and have rich experience. These supports and experiences enable even newcomers in the building materials industry to quickly master and enter the actual battle

investment attraction of Peco:

business model: franchise store

investment amount: 100000-200000

franchise fee: free

deposit: 5000-10000

store requirements (minimum area): 80 square meters

investment attraction area: National

industry: wooden door

Olympic refueling station:

heart, beating at the same rhythm

force, swelling on the same muscle

eyes, focusing in the same place

feeling, high in the same world

pergol refined wooden door wishes Chinese Olympic athletes Rio to win gold and silver, and continue China's glory

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Introduction to Peco:

Peco doors (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a modern door enterprise with a high starting point. The company focuses on the interior door industry, and its products are positioned in the medium and high-end market, including modern simple and simple European style wall panels, solid wood composite doors, painted doors and paint free doors. In the industry, Peco refined wooden doors are famous for their excellent product quality; Over the years, Peco has a good reputation among high-quality people such as urban white-collar workers, business owners, doctors, teachers, civil servants and so on

Peco product display

since its establishment, Peco has successively won many honors, such as the national top 30 wooden door quality and service, China Forestry Industry Innovation Award (wooden door industry), China environmental labeling product certification, etc. Peco has participated in the formulation of national wooden door industry standards and holds many important patents




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