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The shore is far away, the sand is flat, the sun is slanting, the road returns, and the sunset is bright. Peacock self pity jincui tail, facing the water, recognize pedestrians can't afford to be surprised. Look at Yuxiu embroidered wall cloth, how to show the beauty of peacocks

the shore is far away, the sand is flat, the sun is oblique, the road returns, and the sunset is bright

peacocks feel sorry for their golden and emerald tails,

facing the water, they can't recognize pedestrians

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from the perspective of Feng Shui, peacock is a Yang bird, with no taboos, which is very suitable for home decoration, especially in the living room that shows the appearance. Plum blossom plays an important role in traditional Chinese painting, which shows a kind of proud spirit. Its elegant and handsome demeanor is very popular and gives people an incentive to work hard

Royal show, as a national brand, takes "inheriting the quintessence of embroidery and promoting embroidery culture" as its mission, inherits and absorbs the essence of Suzhou embroidery and Hangzhou embroidery, and spreads China's "embroidery" culture around the world

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