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For a long time, such items have been favored by the public because of their elegant shape and profound culture. And in recent years, the consumer demand for rosewood furniture has been rising, and the market demand has also promoted the development of the industry to a certain extent. However, due to the overwhelming advertising of mahogany furniture and a wide range of product types, many users do not know how to choose. Then, let's learn about the brand ranking of mahogany furniture and how to choose mahogany furniture

1. Mahogany furniture brand ranking

1. Mingdingtan

if you are a lover of mahogany products, I believe this brand is not strange. It focuses on developing the modernization of mahogany, creating a work of art that combines elegance, dignity and Modernity, effectively improving the taste of home culture and life, extracting the essence of Chinese furniture culture, and adding modern design expression techniques, It shows the craft and cultural furniture with the characteristics of Mingding sandalwood

2. New Year's Eve

this is one of the largest research and production places of Chinese style goods in China at present. It has rich technical force and strong development ability. At the same time, it has first-class Italian imported drying equipment and more than 300 furniture production lines, providing a reliable raw material guarantee for furniture production

3. Old Zhou mahogany

this brand integrates the current domestic excellent elegant home furnishing works, and constructs a set of perfect and rich product series. Coupled with the classic and simple style, it shows the eternal Oriental home furnishing cultural connotation. Therefore, this kind of brand home furnishing is particularly favored by the majority of users

II. How to choose rosewood furniture

1. Smell

everyone knows that in the current market, in addition to all solid wood, some businesses choose wood-based panel components for profit. Therefore, when choosing rosewood furniture, we must ask about the smell. If sneezing or tears are caused by the pungent smell, it means that the formaldehyde emission is expensive. In addition, it is most like the dealer asking for the quality inspection report when choosing, Check whether the release of harmful gases is within the allowable range

2. Ask about the price

before buying, you must consult the salesperson. Generally speaking, the cheaper items are made of wood-based panels, so the price of the whole set of furniture is very low. At the same time, a lot of inferior glue is used. Therefore, do not buy mahogany furniture because of its low price

3. Look at the process

real mahogany products do not have a little glue and do not need a screw, which is conducive to avoiding cracking of such items. In addition, it is also necessary to check whether the wrapping is natural. Generally speaking, wrapping will appear in the position where your hands often touch, and it will be very unnatural if it is a new imitation wrapping

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