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How can Geely Zhiqing become a leader at the "crossroads" of the automotive industry

since its birth more than a hundred years ago, the automotive industry has entered an unprecedented era of great change driven by new technologies. At present, led by the "new four modernizations", the technological revolution represented by new energy power, AI Artificial Intelligence, automatic driving technology and real-time interconnection of all things is surging forward and has become the industry consensus. The century old automobile industry driven by petroleum energy has come to the crossroads of change

when the new energy wave is rolling in, China's automobile industry has a great opportunity to overtake the world's automobile industry and catch up with or even surpass the overall technical strength of the world's automobile industry. Taking the opportunity of leading the development of new energy vehicles and the future direction of the automotive industry, the Chinese Autobots are faced with a historical opportunity to truly realize the transformation from big to strong and stand among the global automotive industry powers

2018, after more than a decade of strong growth, China's auto market experienced a long-term shock adjustment. From high-speed growth to high-quality development, when market transformation and industrial technological revolution are superimposed, how can Chinese brands get the opportunity to lead the times

Geely Zhiqing better new energy energy-saving solutions

facing the environment of both opportunities and challenges, Geely Automobile took the lead in starting the strategic practice of transformation to a new energy enterprise, put forward the vision of "a scientific and technological company led by technological innovation", and "Zhiqing" new energy power system came into being

"smart engine", as an important part of Geely's "Intec humanized intelligent driving technology", covers four technical routes: hybrid, pure electric, alternative energy and hydrogen fuel cell, and defines a new definition of the energy form of new energy vehicles in the future: the future of new energy-saving vehicles is not only pure electric, but also includes the efficient utilization of a variety of clean energy, as well as the continuous upgrading of efficient internal combustion engine technology

based on the strategic position of new energy technology, Geely Automobile, by far higher than the R & D investment of the industry, integrates global resources, realizes 100% independent R & D of the three electricity system, builds a market-oriented and environment-friendly supplier system of the whole industry chain, and promotes the improvement of a) the technical indicators of the original licensed products with diversified strategies and practices; ' The steady implementation of new energy and the full consideration of the actual vehicle cost of consumers in the technology R & D and application stage make the new energy vehicle life a reality within the reach of consumers

"smart engine" not only provides strong technical support for Geely Automobile in the new energy field, but also puts forward the "China plan" of new energy-saving technology with original technology, leading technology, forward-looking layout, diversified paths and economical use for the first time in the industry. It marks that China's automobile industry is making a historic leap from "benchmarking" to "benchmarking" in the core technology field

intelligent, innovative and humanized hybrid technology

at the same time of the release of "smart engine", the models equipped with smart engine and hybrid technology achieved mass production at the same time. As the most universal form of new energy technology at present, "smart engine" has achieved a number of industry "firsts" and innovative technologies in the field of hybrid technology

on the current mainstream hybrid models, driving mode selection has become a "standard configuration", but most ordinary consumers are usually difficult to understand the differences between different modes, and then they are unable to choose the most appropriate working condition, and the driving mode selection is almost the decoration. On the other hand, car coupling systems that update real-time road condition data through mobile Internet also emerge in endlessly. However, there is little attempt in the industry to integrate the working mode of power system with real-time road condition data for comprehensive data analysis

intelligent engine · hybrid system pioneered the interconnection technology to enable new energy, and deeply combined intelligent technology with power system. The whole vehicle controller carries out the energy planning of the whole navigation road in advance according to the overall road information of the navigation planning (road scene, congestion, home information, etc.) and in combination with the efficiency of the hybrid system

in the process of vehicle driving, the whole vehicle controller implements energy management strategies in different sections according to the energy planning, and selects the most appropriate driving mode according to the road congestion information fed back by the navigation background, so as to meet the user's travel with the driving mode with the best efficiency, time cost and fuel cost

innovative practice: the industry's first p2.5 architecture

under the influence of multiple factors such as cost, policy and R & D cycle, the plug-in hybrid technology is a very popular experimental method for the combustion performance of new energy automotive power plastics. The oxygen index method gb/t 2406 ⑼ 3 forms. However, plug-in hybrid is not simply adding a motor and a battery to the gasoline vehicle, but a perfect combination of efficient fuel power and new energy technology

Zhiqing · PHEV hybrid technology, focusing on the coupling of fuel power and electric drive power, which is a key plug-in hybrid technology, has been developed with wal mdash; mdash; Yangyanzhenwo, deputy director of the high tech development and industrialization division of the provincial science and Technology Department, cooperates and creatively independently develops the p2.5 architecture on the basis of 1.5td+7dct

p2.5 the structure places the motor in the transmission. Through the dynamic coupling strategy, the motor and the transmission form a whole. With the transmission efficiency up to 97%, the seamless connection between fuel power and electric drive power can be realized within 0.6s. Compared with the traditional P2 architecture, the power output is stronger and the power connection is smoother; Compared with P3 route, p2.5 has compact structure, small space occupancy and reasonable space layout

p2.5 all control strategies and core system development of the architecture are independently researched and developed by Geely Automobile, which owns 100% intellectual property rights, representing the "China plan" to truly stand on the technological commanding height in the field of hybrid core technology and lead the world's new energy-saving technology

customer first: the first mass-produced 48V hybrid vehicle in China

Geely smart engine takes the "customer first" as the purpose, takes the lead in the industry to comprehensively deploy 48V light hybrid technology through excellent cost control, and introduces China's first mass-produced 48V hybrid vehicle, Borui Ge mhev, so that consumers can experience the humanized driving enjoyment of new energy intelligent technology at the price of traditional vehicles, New energy, the "Wang Xietang Qianyan" who was originally at the top of the industry pyramid, successfully "flew into the people's homes"

48v light mix system is an ideal electrification scheme that balances fuel saving performance, full life cycle vehicle ownership cost and cross platform rapid layout. The 48V light mix system can realize the functions of comfortable engine starting, power assistance, shutdown assistance, taxiing, change of intention, energy recovery, extended shutdown, etc. the fuel consumption is significantly reduced, the NVH performance of the whole vehicle is improved, and the vibration during engine starting and flameout is significantly improved

in the research and development process, Zhiqing · mhev light hybrid technology has also specifically optimized the dynamic response under the small and medium throttle opening at the starting stage of the vehicle, so that consumers can get a smoother and more comfortable dynamic experience

based on the outstanding advantages of the 48V light mix system, Geely will continue to expand its mhev product line, realize platform applications on more new and upgraded models, and benefit more consumers

leading comes from innovation

in the era of traditional power, China's automobile has always played the role of a catch-up due to its late start. It has always been unable to become a first-class in the benchmarking industry. The wave of electrification industry has given us an opportunity, but the opportunity to move from benchmarking to benchmarking is likely to be and only this time

new energy is the future of automobile, which needs to be continued. At the same time, if a new technology needs consumers to pay for the high cost, it is difficult to have the conditions for large-scale promotion. How to balance the relationship between technology gold content and technology universality is a difficult question

the development of China's automobile industry tells us that technology cannot be exchanged for market. Geely Zhiqing new energy power system is the crystallization of Geely Automobile's unremitting exploration in the field of new energy technology for more than ten years. It is a powerful exploration to help China's automobile industry become a "Chinese intelligent manufacturing" worthy of Chinese pride, and will continue to realize the self evolution of technology in the future

"only by promoting independent innovation in a down-to-earth manner can we master the 'voice' of technology and the leading power of innovation." This remark by LiShufu, chairman of Zhejiang Geely Holding Group, breaks through the original intention of the trapezoidal arrangement of two main light bars that Geely has focused on independent research and development of core technologies for many years

only those enterprises that insist on independent innovation can have the opportunity to become leaders in the new era of the automotive industry. Only an enterprise armed with new thinking can become a real "new force for making cars". For every Chinese Autobot who has the honor to participate in this new era, innovation is always on the road

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