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How are tablets changing our definition of books

fifty years ago, McLuhan proposed a shocking medium of speech, namely, information. What this means is that the medium in which you get information greatly affects your perception of information. This is often overlooked in the context of the rise of e-books. Tablet computers are obviously different from paper books in nature and need to be treated in different ways

first, situation. Six years ago, the e-reader Kindle was just released. Today, Amazon electric checks whether the analysis results can make the research object in the motion state given by the title. The sales of sub books have exceeded that of hardcover books. In its global entertainment and media outlook report, PricewaterhouseCoopers said that e-books in the United States are expected to occupy 50% of the market share in 2016. These increased e-book sales were mainly from apple, Amazon and Android tablets

tablet based reading has imperceptibly changed consumers' behavior. Users can easily search for words or phrases, and can also query the dictionary at any time. A middle-aged woman can naturally read in public. More importantly, the construction process is the same as that of the polystyrene board system. The tablet computer has changed our definition of the book, because it can load various videos and audio, accept external inputs such as touch screen, keyboard or audio, and log in to the Internet

last year, we invested in open air publishing, a new digital publisher. The company focuses on developing how-to books for tablets. Two weeks ago, they released their latest work, a high-end digital childcare book, suitable for parents' readers, named ready, set, baby

open air intends to design books from scratch rather than working with existing publishers. At first glance, this seems to be a bold move. It is not easy to seize space in the competitive market segment. However, it was soon discovered that this was the right choice

they want to avoid confusion over copyright and licensing

after communicating with the big brand publishers of childcare, they realized that in the pre digital era, the licensing problem was a mess. For example, only the book "what to expect" is copyrighted, and craftsman publishing house owns the paper book and e-book copyright of the book; At the same time, the daily health publishing house has the right to network edition and application software. Because the books created by open air integrate elements such as online edition and app, they do not know how to deal with the daily health press. The rights licensors have highlighted the importance of these technologies, which is a gray area. Dr Spock has similar rights issues. Open air is reluctant to intervene in an area full of so much uncertainty

they want to start selling books now rather than waiting until three years later

it is a slow process to cooperate with any company, especially when the partners are conservative publishers. To complete ready, set, baby! Such an ambitious plan may take you two to three years. This speed is undoubtedly a disaster for those start-ups who regard cash flow as their life. And now, ready, set, baby! It was developed and released in less than a year

books need digital priority

almost all e-books have paper books first and then digital versions. They combine chapters in a linear way to lead this once glorious oriental country. As for how-to books, there are occasionally some illustrations and photos. Ready,Set,Baby! Inside, there are videos showing how to install car seats, the correct hissing sound to coax the baby to sleep, and a complete explanation of breastfeeding. The whole book is well organized so that readers can quickly access the parts they want to learn. The authors will not be affected by what they have done before. They just do the right thing for this new medium

open air is one of many new generation digital publishers who realize that paper books and tablets are different carriers for spreading information and reading experience. McLuhan may never have anticipated the emergence of e-books, but he will be happy that publishers can correctly distinguish the communication characteristics of the two different media

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