Emerson Network Energy announces trellis promotion

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Emerson Network Energy announced trellis promotion strategy

Beijing, China (July 15, 2011) Emerson (NYSE: EMR) is a global leader in business brand and full assurance of key businesses. Emerson Network energy today announced the promotion strategy of data center infrastructure management (DCIM), promoting Avocent Users of aperture and Liebert DCIM software solutions use trellis dynamic infrastructure optimization platform

Steve ha ssell, President of Avocent business of Emerson energy, said: our goal is to improve the management of data center infrastructure and protect customers' investment in existing technology. We work with current and new customers to jointly develop the implementation plan of trellis platform and achieve unparalleled control over the operation of the data center

trellis platform integrates and extends the current functions of Liebert sitescan, Avocent data center planner and aperture management software solutions. Current users of Emerson Network Energy software products will get the path to the trellis platform and benefit from its additional functions at the same time. Through the unique closed-loop control system, these functions improve the visibility and control of data center operations. Using Emerson energy's proven expertise in asset, power, refrigeration and infrastructure management and embedded firmware technology, the trellis platform avoids the phenomenon of making decisions independently, allowing data center professionals to optimize all aspects of their key infrastructure operations. This will improve the performance of the data center to a new level and achieve the high availability, operational efficiency and flexibility required by the business

mr. ryanbrock, vice president of AMI partners, said: using a single platform and equipment to realize DC China Africa Cooperation Forum meeting will be held in South Africa. The unified approach of IM can bring great value, especially in the increasingly important mid-range market. Because in the mid-range market, enterprises with limited personnel and resources are facing the dilemma of higher and higher technical management requirements

The trellis platform is planned to be released early next year. It is the only DCIM solution that controls all data center infrastructure assets on a single console, including it and physical infrastructure. With the help of trellis platform, emmer will ensure that its experimental size fixture is between 180mm) the customers of Shengluo energy will obtain the required accurate information, which will maximize the availability, efficiency and capacity of its key infrastructure

about Emerson Network energy

Emerson Network energy is a business brand owned by Emerson (NYSE Stock Code: EMR). It is a global leader in the full security TM of key businesses. It provides a full range of security from the network to the chip with spare reed relays for communication networks, data centers, health care and industrial facilities. Emerson energy provides customers with innovative solutions and expertise in the fields of AC and DC power supply, precision refrigeration, embedded computing and power supply, integrated racks and cabinets, transfer switches, power and environmental monitoring, connectivity, solar energy and wind energy. All solutions can be fully supported by local Emerson energy professional service personnel worldwide. For details of Emerson energy's products and services, please visit or call

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