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Emerson assists people in typhoon stricken areas in the Philippines to rebuild their homes

emerson Asia Pacific president Yang Shaozeng (third from the left) and Emerson Philippines shared services General Manager Dave Caldwell (first from the left) hand over a donation cheque to habitat for humanity in the Philippines

Manila, Philippines (2009 lack of familiar, interdisciplinary comprehensive talents November 25, 2009) - Emerson (NYSE stock code 3. Customers are advised to change hydraulic oil in time according to the frequency of use: EMR) today announced that the company donated 5million Philippine pesos to habitat for humanity Philippines to build houses for people who have lost their homes in poor living conditions, especially in the recent typhoon "Ketsana". In addition, the fund will also be used to provide people with tools and equipment to repair houses damaged by the typhoon. As a global corporate citizen, Emerson actively provides education, health care and humanitarian assistance in the Philippines, and this donation is also part of it

at the ceremony held today, Sara Yang Bosco, President of Emerson Asia Pacific region, handed over a cheque to David Bonifacio, director of the Philippine National Committee for habitat for humanity, indicating Emerson's commitment to providing assistance to people in need in the Philippines

"this disastrous typhoon caused great damage and displaced many families. We deeply sympathize with this and help the typhoon affected people in the Philippines through direct assistance," Yang Shaozeng said. "As a global technology and manufacturing enterprise operating in hundreds of regions around the world, Emerson has never forgotten that while achieving its business goals, Emerson is also an integral member of the local community and has become an excellent corporate citizen and friendly neighbor."

habitat for Humanity International was founded in the United States in 1976. It is a non-profit, Christian housing organization committed to eradicating poverty, housing environment and homelessness, and actively promoting appropriate housing with action and awareness raising. International promotion manufacturing workshop upgraded from "traditional" to "IOT". Habitat for humanity opened its first office in the Philippines in 1988. Today, habitat for humanity () in the Philippines has built more than 24000 houses in the local market

"in habitat for humanity, we believe that appropriate housing is the premise to improve family health, improve children's education and increase job opportunities. We can change people's lives by building appropriate housing for people in need," David Bonifacio said. "We are very grateful for Emerson's financial assistance to support the reconstruction of our homes. At the same time, we also thank Emerson employees who participated in various voluntary projects. Their help is of great significance to the long-term success of these projects."

in addition to donations, Emerson employees also actively participate in community work. Recently, 90 Emerson Manila employees participated in a voluntary activity initiated by habitat for humanity in the Philippines. As the typhoon destroyed many houses, more than 900 families lived in the resettlement center, which lacked sanitary facilities such as toilets. Emerson employees actively participated in the improvement actions and helped the resettlement center build portable houses and toilets. They will also participate in housing construction and other education and welfare programs

emerson Philippines shared services General Manager Dave Caldwell said: "Emerson has been in Manila since 1994. When special events affect our partners and even the whole community, we provide assistance to people in need and support the reconstruction of their homes. Habitat for humanity in the Philippines is a well operated organization that can carry out long-term practical disaster relief work and provide temporary shelter after the typhoon. Emerson is proud of this donation, and our employees are very proud of it We are confident that 50 new houses will be built in 2010. "

emerson provides financial assistance and other support to hundreds of community organizations and educational institutions around the world. Emerson relies on its own strength to fund local organizations and institutions, and enrich and improve residents' lives by strengthening community and regional construction

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