Emerson UPS wins the bid of China Mobile

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Emerson UPS won the bid of China Mobile

recently, Emerson Network energy, with its excellent product functions and powerful product line of UPS, became one of the four unified suppliers of UPS products of China Mobile in 2005

China Mobile has strictly standardized the qualification of manufacturers in this bidding, and has put forward a series of strict requirements for manufacturers, such as having the recommended use certificate issued by two or more provincial companies of China Mobile, having the supply record of mobile communication in 2004 or having the supply record of other domestic communication operators, and the total amount of 300 sets. Emerson UPS won the bid in one fell swoop due to the fierce competition after the large mold had no time to fill the mold. This bid fully proves the progressiveness of Emerson Energy Co., Ltd.'s technical capabilities, the stability of UPS products and reliable engineering capabilities

as the only supplier in the world that can provide the most complete network energy "an integrated solution of end-to-end testing machine for low carbon steel and cast iron compression test, Jinan testing machine factory specializes in serving the testing machine", Emerson Network energy has been dedicated to many years, and its product line has been improved and enriched to the greatest extent by testing machine testing conditions, It has become the only supplier in the world that can provide the most complete "end-to-end integrated solution" of network energy, and can provide complete technical services and support. In winning the bid, China Mobile attaches importance not only to Emerson energy products themselves, but also to its perfect technical services

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