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Emission reduction "surgery" at the main venue of the climate conference

when delegates from various countries participating in the Copenhagen climate change conference entered the main venue - Beira Convention and Exhibition Center, they may not realize that this seemingly simple building has received multiple emission reduction "surgery" for its heating, ventilation and lighting systems since August 2008

it is estimated that from last August to the opening of the Copenhagen conference this month, the carbon emissions of Beira Convention and Exhibition Center have been reduced by about 20%

Beira Convention and Exhibition Center is the largest convention and Exhibition Center in northern Europe. When the center was identified as the main venue of the United Nations Climate Change Conference, the building built in 1974 to build the new Mar plant was quite outdated from the perspective of environmental protection. As a venue for discussing emission reduction issues since the "made in China 2025" was proposed, Beira Convention and Exhibition Center naturally needs to implement the concept of "low carbon". Therefore, starting with the heating, ventilation and lighting systems with the largest energy consumption, the center has successively invested 2.5 million euros in environmental protection transformation

according to MAS Beyer, a Danish building energy conservation expert in charge of the environmental protection renovation project of the center, during the "operation" of emission reduction, the staff removed the shading film on the windows of more than 7000 square meters and removed the curtains often used in the daytime, so as to make full use of natural light. Beira Convention and Exhibition Center also adopts more than 1700 new energy-saving lighting fixtures and more than 5200 energy-saving bulbs. Its central lighting control system can now automatically adjust the light intensity in the building according to outdoor light. These transformation measures can save about 300000 kwh of electricity per year for the whole building

after the transformation of the ventilation system, managers can monitor the indoor personnel density with the help of intelligent systems. Like many previous technological breakthroughs, they can adjust the ventilation intensity through automatic devices, which can improve the indoor air quality and reduce the energy consumption by 30% to 50% compared with the original

after these "major operations", Beira Convention and Exhibition Center has carried out "minor operations" in the environmental protection transformation of kitchen equipment and the upgrading of waste treatment technology

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