Emerson launches new pur

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Emerson introduces new pur

recently, Emerson Process Management Department announced the launch of Rosemount analytical pur sense FRP Bridge. The main advantage of this material is that it is not easy to be corroded. Model 410vp conductivity sensor, which is a sensor that is easy to install the four electrodes connected to the sensor, is specially designed for health applications such as food, beverage and life sciences. This sensor is made of materials that meet the requirements of FDA departments and meet the 3a and EHEDG health standards. Therefore, the product is currently widely used in process connection applications in the health field

pur sense model 410vp sensor provides the most extensive conductivity sensing test for industrial applications, and provides a range of 0. " one μ Excellent linearity between siemens/cm and 600 msimen/cm key mechanical index: tensile strength ≥ 40MPa test function

typical applications of this 410vp mode sensor product include monitoring of high conductivity fluid content, such as in-situ cleaning solvents and low conductivity resins. It can also be used in chromatographic separation to monitor eluent and detect solutions: improve the lubrication conditions of relative moving parts, fluid stratification, etc

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