Emission standard of water pollutants for diosgeni

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Discharge standard of water pollutants in saponin industry

the customer of the distance can put forward specific product requirements for Nangang arge standard of water pollutants for sapogenin industry

(GB 20425-2006 partially replaces GB 8978-1996)

the specific formula content should be increased or decreased appropriately according to the heat resistance requirements and surface gloss requirements of the finished product

in order to implement the environmental protection law of the people's Republic of China The water pollution prevention and control law of the people's Republic of China and the marine environmental protection law of the people's Republic of China promote the sustainable development of China's saponin industry and the level of pollution prevention and control. The thermal conductivity of newly developed polymer composites (thermoactive, thermoplastic polymer resins) is 100 times higher than that of traditional polymers, so as to protect human health and maintain ecological balance. This standard is formulated. This standard specifies the maximum allowable daily discharge per ton of products, the daily average concentration limit of water pollution control indicators and the maximum allowable discharge of water pollutants per ton of products of saponin industrial enterprises in two time periods. This standard is applicable to the discharge management of water pollutants in industrial enterprises that produce saponin and only produce saponin hydrolysates, as well as the environmental impact assessment of saponin industrial construction projects, the design and completion acceptance of environmental protection facilities of construction projects, and the water pollution control and management after they are put into operation. Since the date of implementation of this standard, the pollutant emission of saponin industrial enterprises shall implement this standard, and the relevant emission limits in the integrated wastewater discharge standard (GB 8, the experimental data of this time will not be recorded 978) will no longer be implemented

discharge standard of water pollutants for saponin industry (GB 20425-2006) Click here to download

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