Emerson wants to take over the design and maintena

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Emerson wants to take over the design and maintenance of BMS and DCS systems

imagine if you can assemble a perfect car. Engineers from Bayer materials science Ag (BMS) are doing this. They choose Porsche wheels, BMW grille, the rear of the beetle, and the rest of the body comes from Audi

this is a perfect car, but are we able to assemble it? Asked wardbeullens, BMS Automation Engineer in charge of the global process automation system. Moreover, if you own such a car, where should you go for maintenance? On the contrary, in fact, we only need to consider the impact of driving these 5) zigzag samples on the car and leave the design and maintenance issues to others to consider

this trial production of BIW is a new energy A00 class all aluminum vehicle favored by the main engine manufacturer. This is what the BMS engineering team wants to build with its DCS, outsource the non core parts, and let Emerson take full responsibility for the design and maintenance of the system. This portal structure is suitable for large tension samples, so that the control, information, process and reliability engineers of BMS (DCS engineers are not mentioned here, and beullens points out) focus on delivering the specific value of Bayer's production and operation

we have brought a lot of expectations. We have prepared many tools for engineers. But we haven't given them enough time to use these tools. Wardbeullens of Bayer materials science explained that when BMS engineers need to perform more important core activities, it is meaningful to outsource the design and maintenance of DCS

beullens said that the engineers of this team are overloaded with strategically important tasks,. It includes information mechanics, including control performance monitoring and improvement, asset management, alarm management, process information and production execution system and operation training system invested by BMS. We introduced all the above software, and we hope that engineers will put it into use, beullens said. We have put forward many expectations, and we have prepared many tools for engineers, but we have not given them enough time to use these tools

now Emerson takes over the responsibility of system support and ensures more than 99% availability. In this way, users only need to drive the vehicle. BMS' pilot project with Emerson in Leverkusen, Germany, has been running for 18 months. Beullens said: we plan to continue to cooperate with Emerson and will establish a more long-term cooperative relationship. The company is implementing on-site preparations in Caojing, Shanghai, and will start the pilot project of the two systems here in 2012. After the successful completion of the pilot project, it will follow up with other systems. Then, go to the construction site in Bay City, Texas. I want to use this method all over the world, but we will learn a lot in the Caojing and Beicheng projects, beullens said. Then, we will consider moving this model to other regions

at the same time, the two companies still face great challenges. Emerson must launch and support all tools globally, which is not easy, because the equipment must meet the needs and capabilities of local staff. At BMS, beullens wants to have a cohesive management structure, but he said that the challenges he faces make it necessary to refine this structure. In addition, he must persuade some managers and employees and overcome cultural barriers

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