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Emerson's PlantWeb digital architecture was used in Baoning power plant in South Korea to replace the outdated control system. Together with ovation expert control system, PlantWeb architecture realizes the operational benefits of gb/t 90.1 ⑵ 002 fastener acceptance inspection by integrating the main plant equipment of Baoning power plant unit 1 and unit 2

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (January 23, 2008) Emerson Process Management announced on the same day that it had won a contract: using its p to make enterprises form a huge market competition, which is divided into quench and slow cooling power. The lantweb digital factory architecture replaces the existing control system for unit 1 and unit 2 of Baoning thermal power plant in South Korea. The contract was awarded by Korean Midland power company (komipo), the power plant operator. The original construction engineering unit of this project is Korea Electric Power Engineering Corporation (KOPEC)

in the past, two 500MW units each used multiple control systems - analog Toshiba turbine control and Bailey simulation systems to control the balance of Babcock Wilcox boiler and plant process of each unit. The installation of Emerson ovation expert control system will provide the unit with a solution that can be used for nearly 25 years. Ovation System, the key technology to power the PlantWeb architecture, monitors and controls all main equipment, including boilers, turbines and boiler feed pump turbines, as well as furnace management systems and plant processes

bobyeager, President of Emerson hydropower solutions, said: "This project divides automation into sectors and replaces it with a compact integrated control system, which is also a model of how to realize modern control of existing power generation equipment. By adopting the integrated control strategy based on our PlantWeb architecture and ovation technology, we hope that Baoning unit 1 and unit 2 can achieve higher operational efficiency and strengthen plant performance. All the above will help komipo better serve this region Rapidly growing electricity demand. "

installing an integrated ovation solution will unify the operation of boilers and turbines, which translates into a large number of operational benefits. For example, a full set of coordinated boiler and turbine control can not only enhance unit compatibility, but also contribute to improving unit stability, sensitive response and thermal efficiency, overall plant control, flow linear view of key plants and turbine parameters. All Emerson ovation systems will manage 12000 i/0 points in each unit. For additional operations, the operator will be able to monitor and control unit 1 and unit 2 from the central control room

other components from Emerson automation solutions include amssuite: intelligent device manager and field intelligent devices, Fisher i/p processor (57/unit), transmitter displacement (24/unit), Rosemount temperature transmitter (556/unit), differential pressure transmitter (11/unit), differential pressure transmitter (18/unit) and pressure transmitter (5/unit)

Emerson hydropower solutions industry center will carry out construction, installation and supervision for this project. All refurbished units are expected to be operational in 2009

Junghyunpark, manager of komipo power plant management group, said, "Emerson has concentrated a lot of its control system knowledge and renovation technology on this modernization project. Emerson has the ability to provide a wide range of integrated automation solutions, and is the automation provider we hope to use the advantages of new technologies to provide solutions for the commissioning of pressure testing machines for this project."

located in Central South Korea, Baoning power plant is composed of six operating units, and two additional units (7 and 8) are planned to be connected to power in 2009. When it is completed, the power plant will provide 4000mw power supply to the local area

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