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Emerson is responsible for the transformation of power plant and steam turbine control technology of South Korea Southeast power company.

Emerson Process Management Company will implement its PlantWeb digital plant control using ovation expert control system in units 3 and 4 of samcheonpo thermal power plant. This power plant belongs to South Korea Southeast electric power company (kosep), which plays an important role in the South Korean market for metal material testing machines

in Pittsburgh (July 20, 2010), Emerson Process Management won a contract to apply its PlantWeb digital chemical plant control using ovation expert control system to units 3 and 4 of samcheonpo thermal power plant in Gyeongnam Province, South Korea. This power plant with 3240-mw capacity of six units belongs to Korea Southeast electric power company (kosep), which plays an important role in the Korean market. The current power generation capacity of the company's power plant is 7334 MW, accounting for more than 10% of the total power generation in South Korea

in order to extend the service life of these units, the contract requires the use of Emerson's ovation expert control system to replace the old control system used by samcheonpo's units 3 and 4 (2 x 560 MW). Ovation System is specially designed to meet the unique challenges of the power supply industry, and will monitor the boilers of Combustion Engineering, GE's steam turbines and other auxiliary systems of each unit. Unified boiler and turbine operation can bring many benefits, including improving unit stability, response speed and thermal efficiency, tighter overall unit control, and accurate key parameters of power station and turbine. Overall, Emerson will install 17 pairs of ovation controllers and 52 workstations, managing a total of about 21300 i/o points

in addition, Emerson's comprehensive solutions for samcheonpo units 3 and 4 include Rosemount instruments (including 8 pressure transmitters and 24 differential pressure liquid level sensors), as well as vibration monitoring and protection system equipment, coal handling control, soot blowing optimization and a set of furnace tube leakage detection system. Emerson will also rebuild a central control room so that plant operators can effectively monitor two units from one location. The equipment of unit 3 is scheduled to be delivered in September 2010 (six months after signing the contract). Unit 3 is expected to be put into commercial operation in December 2010 by extruding doors, windows and curtain wall materials; Unit 4 is expected to resume operation in March 2011

emerson and kosep have established a long-term and successful cooperative relationship in the power generation industry; Emerson's technology has been applied or is being installed in many kosep plants, including samcheonpo units 1 and 2. In fact, shortly after the contract for the modernization of control of samcheonpo's units 3 and 4 was finalized, the two companies signed a memorandum of understanding, and they will cooperate in the reconstruction of existing power plants and new power plants in South Korea, the Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia and Latin America

emerson not only provides us with a fully integrated control solution, but also has the necessary engineering and support capabilities to accelerate the completion of this important transformation project, said son Kwang SIG, general manager of kosep's power generation management team. The modernization of equipment and control of samcheonpo units 3 and 4 not only helps us greatly extend the service life of these units, but also ensures that they can achieve optimal operating efficiency and reliability

we are delighted to see that kosep has been full of confidence in Emerson's employees and technology, said Bob Yeager, President of Emerson Process Management water and power supply solutions. We firmly believe that the implementation of PlantWeb technology and coordinated boiler turbine unit control can continuously save operation and maintenance costs and improve the operation efficiency of samcheonpo thermal power plant. Until you see that the oil level reaches 1.5% of the oil window, you can

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