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In May, Shenzhen ushered in the annual event of the inverter industry - the award ceremony of "China Inverter Industry Development Summit Forum and top ten inverter selection" hosted by Huicong inverter was grandly held in Shenzhen Wuzhou Hotel. Industry experts, representatives of well-known enterprises, purchasers and the media gathered together to witness the announcement of the selection results of the "top ten inverters". At the meeting, Emerson was awarded the honorary title of "top ten foreign brands of general inverter", which won thunderous applause

this selection activity lasted three months. After preliminary evaluation, network voting, SMS voting, re evaluation, expert evaluation and other links, as well as the strict selection and investigation of the expert jury, five awards were finally produced, including "top ten dealers in the inverter industry", "top ten foreign brands of general inverter", "top ten domestic brands of general inverter", "top ten brands of high voltage inverter" and "top ten people of the inverter industry in China". Emerson's reputation in Shenzhen this time is the industry's affirmation of Emerson's help to improve the automation level of Chinese users, which is well deserved

for a long time, Emerson Inverter has been famous in the Chinese market for its high performance, and the high-quality value embodied in its brand has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the majority of users. Emerson automation product series is manufactured and provided by Emerson Network Energy Co., Ltd., which is a subsidiary of Emerson in China. Its business areas include network energy, process control, industrial automation, environmental regulation, household appliances and tools

as a mainstream supplier in the industrial control industry, Emerson is committed to serving China's industrial field with its perfect R & D, sales, supply chain and service platform, and its products are all over all walks of life in China. In the future, Emerson will continue to promote the self appreciation of Emerson brand products while providing perfect solutions for Chinese users through technological innovation and strengthening services

the Organizing Committee of the second "top ten selection activities of China's frequency converter industry" set up the "Development Summit Forum of China's frequency converter industry" specifically for the theme of "green environmental protection, energy conservation and consumption reduction", and invited experts and scholars of the frequency converter industry at home and abroad to discuss with the high-level of the frequency converter industry (3) new problems of China's frequency converter industry with flexible intelligent materials and wearable equipment, so as to guide the new direction of the development of China's frequency converter industry

this is a rare "Huashan discussion sword" in the frequency converter industry; Government leaders, experts and frequency converter industry giants understand and jointly discuss the development trend of frequency converter, high-voltage frequency converter and energy conservation in the cement industry, several problems existing in wind power generation, how to meet the challenges and other important topics, which collide with valuable ideological sparks

about Emerson Industrial Automation (China)

Emerson Industrial Automation (China) is the business unit of Emerson Network energy. Emerson's industrial automation and process control is one of the world's most famous suppliers of industrial control products, which can provide AC and DC drivers, PLC, all kinds of motors, all kinds of valves, all kinds of analysis and detection instruments, process control systems, equipment management systems and many other products, It has many well-known brands, including: British CT (control technologies), American Motors (U1. The rod of the zigzag mechanism turns to the limit on the left (opposite to the black knob), s motors, Leroy Somer; Process control includes Fisher controls, micro motion, Rosemount, Westinghouse process control, etc

Emerson Industrial Automation (China) has always been committed to China's industrial control field, with a complete research and development, sales, supply chain and service platform. It is one of the mainstream suppliers in China's industrial control industry. Its products cover all walks of life in China, and can provide PLC, touch screen, frequency converter and other products

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about Emerson

the price of polyurethane materials headquartered in China is relatively higher than that of Emerson (New York Stock Exchange Stock Code: EMR) in St. Louis, the United States. It is a leading company in the world, The company combines technology with engineering to provide customers with innovative solutions in the fields of network energy, process management, industrial automation, environmental optimization technology, household appliances and tools. The company's sales in fiscal 2007 amounted to $22.6 billion

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