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Qingdao University of science and technology has had a series of happy events in recent months. The complete set of technology for the resource utilization of waste rubber and waste plastics completed by the University in cooperation with Jinan AIA Hengyu science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. won the second prize of the 2011 National Science and technology progress award. The National Engineering Laboratory for advanced tire equipment and key materials jointly declared by the University and soft Control Co., Ltd. was inaugurated, and the University also jointly established the national engineering technology center with soft control Co., Ltd. As the highest level of the country, the two scientific research platforms with the goal of "the combination of politics, industry, University and research" have been settled in a local university such as Qingdao University of science and technology, which has laid the foundation for the school to build the "Huangpu Military Academy" of China's rubber industry with the deep integration of politics, industry, University and research

Qingdao University of science and technology has always encouraged the transformation of scientific research achievements to drive the development of disciplines with the development of the company. The school won the second prize of the national science and technology progress award. The soft control Co., Ltd. incubated by the internal mixer upper auxiliary machine project has a total asset of 1.4 billion yuan at present; Qingdao Dipai New Material Co., Ltd., incubated by the high trans polyisoprene project, the second prize achievement of the National Technological Invention Award, has now built the world's largest trans isoprene rubber pilot plant; ICOS, incubated and established by another national award of the University, is currently building the world's largest synthetic rubber production and R & D base

in 2011, Qingke University removed the wall between the school and the soft control R & D center, making the University, enterprises and communities unimpeded. President Ma Lianxiang said, "the removal of the wall not only opens up the physical space, but also the psychological space. University teachers and students and polycarbonate polyurethane elastomer have been tested in vitro for joint weight-bearing surface. The enterprise has truly become a family, working part-time with complementary advantages, so that the university is really close to the pulse of urban development. This integration is also known as the model of the University of Youth Science and technology by the government and society."

Qingdao University of science and technology has many similar deep integration of politics, industry, University and research. The university has successively cooperated with Chengyang District of Qingdao to build the national Torch Plan Qingdao new material industrialization base, Huangdao District to build an industrial informatization production demonstration base, Laoshan District to build a biological reagent diagnosis research center and industrialization base, and Sifang District to build a University urban science and technology park. In the first half of 2011, the first phase of the "China Rubber Valley" trading center jointly built by the school and the China Rubber Industry Association was officially opened. A large number of domestic industry giants such as the China Rubber Industry Association, Sinochem International and Shuangxing group have rushed to settle in the rubber valley

in the process of seamless connection between politics, industry, education and research, many college students followed their tutors from the laboratory to the workshop and to the production line, realizing the combination of theory and practice. Teachers and students cooperate to write papers on product control blocks (for longitudinal wave inspection), research in projects, and transform achievements into enterprises. Teachers and students from different disciplinary backgrounds both divide labor and cooperate around specific projects, thus promoting the cross integration of disciplines and providing a platform and carrier for the training of applied senior professionals

the school also emphasizes organizing students to participate in political, industrial, academic and research cooperation, and encourages teachers to use their own scientific research achievements to develop comprehensive and design experimental projects and students' scientific research innovation projects. In the past three years, the undergraduates of the University have participated in or completed 822 projects of College Students' scientific and technological innovation and laboratory opening. In addition, with the support of scientific research cooperation units, Qingdao University of science and technology has also established 158 on campus and off campus internship bases and 46 social practice bases for college students. Combined with the practical teaching mode of school enterprise cooperation, students can directly participate in all links of enterprise production and management in the process of production and graduation internship, Make the engineering practice change, change the working principle of the experimental machine, and have a fundamentally fixed chuck teaching on changing the body of the experimental machine, which has really achieved practical results

the deep integration mode of government, industry, University and research has effectively promoted the talent training of the University. In the past three years, the average employment rate of students in this school is 93%, ranking among the top universities in Shandong. Many units that have scientific research cooperation projects with the school are in large quantities. It can also recruit graduates at low cost. Graduates with solid theoretical foundation and the ability to solve practical problems are generally welcomed by employers

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