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Huang Le, CEO of chezhibao, won the 2017 top ten "cutting-edge people" award in Jiangsu Province

on April 3, the 2017 top ten "cutting-edge people" and "innovative products" selection activity hosted by Jiangsu Provincial Economic and Information Technology Commission and organized by maker commune was held in Nanjing Longzhong. This selection event brought together Jiangsu unicorn and technology leaders such as chezhibao used car auction and Yunman. Among them, Huang Le, founder and CEO of chezhibao, won the 2017 Internet top ten "cutting-edge people" award

in order to implement the national strategic deployment of "Internet +" and "mass entrepreneurship and innovation", further promote the new practice of "two concentrations and one high", and speed up the construction of a "strong, rich, beautiful and high" new Jiangsu, according to the relevant requirements of the opinions on accelerating the development of the Internet economy issued by the provincial Party committee and the provincial government, further create a strong atmosphere for the development of the Internet economy in the province, and build the Internet enterprise brand in Jiangsu Province, the 2017 top ten "Internet cutting-edge figures" The selection of the top ten "Internet innovative products" has received great attention from the government, the media and enterprises, and the public has also paid great attention to it

in particular, the 2017 Internet top ten "cutting edge" awards not only enjoy high reputation in the industry, record the brilliance of leaders and entrepreneurs in all walks of life, but also give Jiangsu Internet entrepreneurs the highest honor in the fields of industry contribution, entrepreneurial management and so on

Huang Le, founder and CEO of chezhibao, founded chezhibao used car auction in 2012. Over the past five years, Huang le and his team members have worked hard, adhering to the enterprise values of passion, dedication, altruism, integrity and responsibility, relying on Internet technology innovation, led chezhibao to rise from Nanjing, and gradually developed into the country's largest used car auction platform, and made outstanding contributions to solving the pain points of the circulation of the second-hand car industry and the operation of used car dealers

in this selection process, Huang Le also stood out from many entrepreneurs of Jiangsu Internet companies and won the annual cutting edge award at one stroke

Huang Le, founder and CEO of chezhibao

at the peak of the Ted speech on the day, Zhang Wei, co-founder and CTO of chezhibao, also delivered a keynote speech entitled "unicorn enterprises out of Nanjing". This part of the consumer demand showed rigidity, and the content focused on chezhibao solving the traditional pain points of the used car industry with large data +ai technical barriers, and improving the industrial scale and overall efficiency

in Zhang Wei's view, with the government work report this year proposing to comprehensively lift the restrictions on the relocation of second-hand cars, the second-hand car industry will usher in a major positive, and the trading volume will grow rapidly in the next few years, basically the same as the new car trading volume. However, Zhang Wei also pointed out that the overall transaction efficiency of the used car industry is low due to the pain points of fragmentation of car sources, mismatching between supply and demand, asymmetric vehicle condition information, and low digitization. There is an urgent need for the research and development of natural bio based high molecular materials, and there is a long way to go. Tob's used car cross regional auction platform is needed to digitize the entire transaction process and improve the overall efficiency of the industry with big data +ai technology

Zhang Wei, co-founder and CTO of chezhibao, delivered a speech

Zhang Wei said that in terms of the construction of technical barriers, chezhibao has developed a "heavenly eye" system based on Fuxi, Luban and other projects. The system is based on the operating experience of starting the oil pump to zero obtained from long-term deep cultivation in the used car industry, combined with big data and artificial intelligence technology, and can run through thousands of data indicators The efficiency and cost of each offline service scenario and each service personnel are fed back and controlled through big data analysis, data mining and in-depth learning, the process efficiency of operation nodes is continuously optimized, the human efficiency is greatly enhanced through automation and artificial intelligence, and the service level and quality are greatly improved through human-computer interaction

"it is through the very fine-grained digital service flow and big data drive that chezhibao has stronger cost control ability and profit acquisition ability than the industry, so as to realize the healthy and sustainable operation under the effect of scale. It is based on the high efficiency and high transformation brought by the combination of five years of big data +ai technology that chezhibao has realized profits, improved the overall efficiency by 10 times, and the return on investment of the platform is also significantly higher than the industry." Zhang Wei said,

not long ago, the reaction system technology of the car "panadur black" PUA coating machine also came from Klaus mafi Zhibao, who completed the brand rejuvenation and strategic upgrading. Huang Le, the founder and CEO of Zhibao, said that in 2018, Zhibao will continue to adhere to the "two horizontal and four vertical" strategy, build the network barriers of national C2B auction such as service, operation and efficiency, take C2B transaction as the core, and at the same time make efforts to use used car supply chain finance Value added products and businesses such as national digital logistics and cloud detection. Through the very fine-grained digital service flow and big data drive, chezhibao has a stronger cost control ability and profit acquisition ability than the industry, so as to realize the healthy and sustainable operation under the scale effect and continue to maintain the goal of comprehensive profitability

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