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Huangshi City, Hubei Province strives to write a new chapter of high-quality development

Huangshi City, Hubei Province is the birthplace and old industrial base of China's industry, and is also the world-famous "copper capital". In recent years, with the strong support of Hubei provincial Party committee and government, the municipal Party committee and government of the city have vigorously led the people of the city to accelerate the industrial transformation and upgrading, and strive to write a new chapter of high-quality development. This is what China industry daily learned from the press conference held by the people's Government of Hubei Province a few days ago

it is understood that in April 2017, Huangshi was identified as one of the first batch of 12 industrial transformation and upgrading demonstration areas in China, and it is the only city listed in Hubei Province. The goal of the construction of the demonstration zone: through years of efforts, we will spare no efforts to cultivate four industrial clusters with a value of 100 billion yuan, two industrial clusters with a value of 50 billion yuan and four industrial clusters with a value of 20 billion yuan, and strive to build Huangshi into a national important electronic information industry base, a base for the intensive processing of special steel and copper products, a life and health industry base, an industrial base for energy conservation and environmental protection, and an advanced manufacturing center. The carrier of the construction of the demonstration zone is mainly two demonstration parks: one is the demonstration park of Huangshi economic and Technological Development Zone; The other is the demonstration park of Huangshi Xingang (logistics) Industrial Park

then, how does Huangshi build a "demonstration area for industrial transformation and upgrading"

adjust structure and build a new pattern of high-quality development

first, stabilize one end. That is, through large-scale technological transformation, we should promote traditional industries to "bring forth new ideas in the middle and sprout new shoots again". Last year, the city completed a technological transformation investment of more than 25 billion yuan, an increase of 141%, showing a blowout state. The ten major technological transformation projects with a total investment of 30billion yuan, such as Huaxin Centennial rejuvenation base, Jinpai healthy Baijiu base, three major technological transformation projects of Xinyegang, and 400000 tons of electrolytic copper of Daye Nonferrous Metals, are advancing in an orderly manner

the second is to expand one end. It is to cultivate and expand emerging industries by increasing investment attraction in the industrial chain. The electronic information industry is "made out of nothing", growing from small to large, with an average annual growth of more than 30%. It has successfully introduced many leading enterprises such as Taiwan Hushi electronics. At the beginning of this month, it signed another 12 projects at the Shenzhen Investment Promotion Conference, with a total investment of 29.1 billion yuan; Hanlong new energy vehicles, with an investment of more than 10 billion yuan, has achieved mass production. It is expected that the output will reach 80000 vehicles this year, with an output value of 10 billion yuan, driving the implementation of 12 automobile supporting industry projects with a total investment of nearly 8 billion yuan, forming a "wild goose effect"

thirdly, adjust the investment structure. Focus on the quality and efficiency of investment, encourage and guide social capital to move from virtual to real, and invest in advanced manufacturing and emerging industries. Last year, 62.6 billion yuan of industrial investment was completed, accounting for 40.7% of fixed investment. We will vigorously promote the PPP model and fully activate private investment. Last year, 103.3 billion yuan of private investment was completed

in addition, adjust the spatial structure. In order to solve the spatial constraints of urban development, the city crossed the Huangjing mountain and entered Daye lake, planning to build an ecological new area of Daye lake on a land of 450 square kilometers. At present, 18billion yuan has been invested in infrastructure, and the 20 square kilometer core area has been basically completed. In October this year, the 15th Hubei Provincial Games will be opened in the core area, and the Daye Lake Ecological New Area will "make an amazing appearance"

change kinetic energy to create a new engine for high-quality development

Huangshi city accelerates Jinan's gold test_ Time trial_ The universal tensile testing machine - Jinan new era gold testing machine is the "three 10" scientific and technological innovation project (ten industrial research institutes, ten engineering technology centers, and ten key laboratories) of China's experimental machine production base. Five new industrial research institutes such as die steel and copper have been established, and Huangshi dayehu high tech Zone has been approved as a national high-tech zone. Strengthen the quality brand construction and adjust the thickness of the scale. 27 enterprises in the city have been recognized as "little giants of science and technology" and invisible champions. There are 29 famous brand products in Hubei, and the establishment of a national model city with strong quality has passed the national pre acceptance

the city deepened the reform of "decentralization, regulation and service" and took the lead in implementing reforms such as "construction before inspection" to speed up the efficiency of examination and approval. We will deepen reform in the economic field, vigorously develop the "four new" economy, and replicate and promote the experience of domestic trade circulation system reform and logistics standardization pilot across the country. We deepened reform in the social sector, and Huangshi ranked third in the country in terms of its credit status

in addition, the construction of Huangshi new port as a "100 million ton port" was accelerated, and the freight trains of Huangshi Chengdu Railway "the second channel of dam overturning" were successively opened. Accelerate the construction of major infrastructure such as qipanzhou and Wuxue Yangtze River Bridge, and complete the Wuhan Kowloon passenger dedicated line and Huangshi Yangxin class I highway. The second state-level bonded logistics center in the province has been built. At present, it is actively applying for the comprehensive bonded zone, guiding enterprises to participate in the construction of the "the Belt and Road". In recent three years, more than 100 foreign trade market entities have been added. Xinjiang Guotai Xinhua Mining Co., Ltd. is an enterprise jointly funded by Shanxi Yangquan Coal Industry (Group) Co., Ltd. and the comprehensive development management center of the Ministry of water resources to set up in Xinjiang. The mode of transformation opens up a new path of high-quality development. When the safety valve is not regulated properly, Huangshi City adheres to the centralized allocation of factor resources to leading industries and advantageous industries, continues to carry out the service activity of "thousands of cadres into thousands of enterprises", and introduces the "eight financial rules", Four 1.6 billion yuan industrial guidance funds were established, and the asset scale of municipal investment and financing platforms reached 116.4 billion yuan. The "Ten Golden Rules" for talents were introduced to cultivate and introduce 25000 talents. We will promote the work of linking the reclamation and utilization of industrial and mining wasteland with the increase and decrease of urban and rural construction land, explore a new mode of land short lease, and add nearly 10000 mu of project land

the city adheres to the development of one leading industry in each park, accelerates the construction of "ten characteristic industrial parks" such as electronic information and high-end equipment manufacturing, and builds a good industrial ecosystem with complete chains and supporting facilities to realize cluster development and dislocation development. Guide enterprises to concentrate in industrial parks, and 80% of enterprises in the old urban areas have returned to the park

at the same time, actively explore the new mode of "resources +". By applying for world cultural heritage, holding the China Geological and mineral science popularization conference, the second National Industrial Tourism Innovation Conference and other ways, the geological and mineral resources and industrial sites "hidden in the boudoir" will be transformed into science popularization, culture and tourism resources, fully displaying the unique charm of "landscape garden city, the most beautiful industrial city", and Huangshi's comprehensive industrial tourism strength ranks ninth in the country

promote coordination and build new support for high-quality development

the city adheres to the principle that industry feeds agriculture and cities feed rural areas, vigorously implements rural revitalization, focuses on the construction of 10 central towns and 100 central villages, plans the layout of major productive forces across the region, and promotes the construction of major industrial projects such as the Huaxin Centennial revitalization base in the development zone and Yangxin County. Daye City is included in the national pilot of new urbanization, and three towns are shortlisted in the National Top 1000 towns with comprehensive strength, Nanshi village in Yangxin County was selected as China's modern new village

Huangshi City has thoroughly implemented the targeted poverty alleviation. The city has lifted 87000 people out of poverty, listed 131 villages, and successfully ranked among the top 100 all-round well-off index of prefecture level cities in China. 58000 shanty towns have been completed, and nearly 200000 people have left the shanty towns and moved into new homes. The expenditure on people's livelihood accounted for more than 80% of the fiscal expenditure, and 560million yuan was budgeted last year to make up for the gap in endowment insurance for enterprise employees

at the same time, the city plans to promote the comprehensive treatment of "water, mountains, gas and soil", deeply implements the "four three major ecological projects", and focuses on the rectification of the problems fed back by the central environmental protection supervisor. More than 100 illegal wharves, open quarries and mold steel enterprises have been shut down successively, and nearly 10000 mu of ecological restoration and treatment of mining areas and more than 600000 mu of afforestation and greening have been completed, successfully creating a national garden city and a national health city

it is reported that Huangshi City has gone through the painful period of transformation, showing a balanced, coordinated and high-quality development trend that has not been seen for many years. The GDP growth rate rose from 5.3% in 2015 to 7.7% in 2017. Last year, the growth rate of industrial added value, profits, electricity consumption and other indicators ranked first in the province. From January to April this year, the added value of industries above designated size increased by 9%, ranking first in the province; The total retail sales of social consumer goods increased by 13.2%, ranking second in the province; Local public budget revenue increased by 16.7%, ranking fifth in the province. From January to April, traditional industries such as non-ferrous metals, ferrous metals and building materials achieved double-digit growth; Emerging industries such as electronic information, biomedicine and automobile manufacturing increased by more than 80%. The total PCB production capacity of Huangshi development zone exceeds 20million square meters/year, making it the third largest PCB industry cluster in China

referring to the plan for the construction of the next demonstration area, ye Zhanping, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Huangshi Municipal Committee and executive vice mayor, emphasized at the meeting: first, adhere to the scientific allocation of all factors; Second, adhere to the coordinated promotion of the whole industrial chain; Third, adhere to the overall development of the whole region. Huangshi is confident and determined to strive to build an "upgraded version" of industrial transformation and strive to be the "pacesetter" of high-quality development in the province

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