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Liquid packaging production line: multi-functional vs single high-speed

liquid packaging adopts different filling methods and different filling technologies due to different packaged materials, such as isobaric filling, negative pressure filling, atmospheric pressure filling, pressure filling, and weighing filling

liquid packaging containers can be glass bottles, plastic bottles, metal cans, cartons, plastic bags, plastic cups, etc. the sealing method can be the gland of the crown cap, the screw cap of the threaded bottle mouth, or the double crimping and sealing of the can, or corks, aluminized films, etc

liquid packaging technology first develops to a single high-speed type

when the equipment manufacturer accepts the user's order, it usually requires the customer to provide filling materials, packaging containers and bottle caps, and the sample bottles and bottle caps provided by the customer will also be used for debugging during equipment acceptance. In order to regulate the consistency of containers and bottle caps, relevant national industrial standards have also formulated relevant standards to regulate. Generally, a conventional high-speed packaging line is only suitable for one bottle type. For example, beer bottles had only 640 ml and 355 ml glass bottles in the past; The geometric dimensions of aluminum two-piece cans have never changed much. These have provided the basis for high-speed and reliable filling. The beer filling machine with the maximum packaging speed of 60000 bottles/h and 120000 cans/h cans has been launched, and the production efficiency of the equipment has been greatly improved

the update speed of the contents of many consumer goods is far lower than the continuous change of packaging containers, which is particularly prominent in the beverage industry and daily chemical industry. The traditional high-speed production line suitable for mass production can no longer fully meet the needs of enterprises. Enterprises must find new production technology to adapt to the market changes of multi variety and small and medium batch products. The multifunctional design of liquid packaging equipment came into being

1 filling machine suitable for various bottle types

the demand for multi bottle filling machine appeared earlier in the lead screw characteristics of hydraulic universal testing machine. This paper introduces Baijiu and beverage production enterprises. In order to increase the variety of packaging, some small enterprises have proposed to use glass bottles with different shapes and external dimensions on some low-speed filling machines. Therefore, a small filling machine sometimes needs to be equipped with threeorfour sets of star wheels and guide plates, and the filling cylinder and sealing device need a mechanical elevator mechanism to meet the needs of customers to change the bottle type. The mechanical replacement and adjustment of this type of bottle generally takes a long time

plastic bottles are light in weight, which can reduce transportation costs, facilitate consumers to carry, reduce damage, and save packaging costs. They are widely used in liquid packaging. Among them, carbonated drinks, water drinks, tea drinks and fruit and vegetable juice drinks packaged in PET bottles have accounted for more than 80% of the total output of beverages. PET provides a broad design space for bottle designers, which can strongly attract many consumers and form the mainstream of market consumption. These advantages make pet bottle packaging gradually replace glass bottle packaging

the wide use of plastic bottles in the field of liquid packaging provides a basis for the convenient conversion of bottle types

pet bottles generally have bottle mouths with the same specifications and sizes, which can realize air conveying, bottle mouth filling and sealing (capping). In this way, the bottle type can be replaced only by replacing the star wheel and guide plate, and rapid loading and unloading is also possible

the traditional packaging of detergent, shower gel, cosmetics and other daily chemical products is PVC bottles and PE bottles. Many daily chemical products are basically homogeneous, and the biggest selling point of their market is often on the outer packaging. Displaying the corporate image and ingenious exquisite packaging are the pursuit of enterprises. They produce distinctive packaging containers at an economic cost, and develop their own unique packaging, packaging containers and slightly changed products, Continuous replacement is carried out on the filling line, and the bottle types with various specifications can be designed and produced in a short time

liquid packaging is basically a special machine due to different filling materials, different specifications and shapes of containers, and diversified sealing methods. In particular, small and medium-sized enterprises are characterized by a large variety of products and small batches. After nearly 20 years of introduction, digestion, absorption and innovation of packaging technology, packaging machinery has reached modular design. By increasing the proportion of general and standardized design, the general and standardized components of equipment are increasing, and a high degree of professional production, so that the serialized development of equipment can be realized, and the products can meet the different needs of users, shorten the supply period of equipment It is extremely beneficial to improve the reliability of equipment operation

this technology trend provides the basis for the versatility of equipment and Rapid NC conversion

Rapid NC conversion of production line

the industry consistent and universally applicable packaging equipment design platform, after meeting the most basic practical needs, special design enjoys standardized automatic control, which can enable customers to benefit from the solution combined with their special application requirements, forming the design concept that the equipment can carry out rapid NC conversion, and then realize the versatility of the equipment

a complete packaging line for beverages, dairy products, pharmaceuticals, daily chemical products should generally include several processes such as destacking, bottle sorting, transportation, bottle washing, filling, sealing, labeling, packing, box transportation, stacking, as well as the detection between various processes in the production line. Packaging containers and products are often replaced in one packaging production line, which brings certain difficulties to equipment adjustment and reliable operation

the production line with the function of rapid numerical control conversion can be considered as a customized equipment for the packaging needs of users. It is a universal equipment for this special equipment to carry out packaging production in an enterprise. It can realize the replacement of packaging materials, bottle types, trademarks, cartons and pallets

the ideal NC fast conversion has been able to input all parameters of several packaging methods, including packaged products, bottle type, filling volume and packaging capacity, into the CPU of PLC (programmable controller). Except for the parts that must be replaced, the rest are realized through adjustment. The PLC of the production line is designed with the replacement program of the production line, and the adjustment of all programs is completed by preset without any change of control circuit. Complete the adjustment of the equipment, create parameters according to the size and shape of the new container to be filled on the touch screen displayed by the man-machine dialogue, select the required setting, and confirm. At the same time, all parameters of PLC have the possibility of modification and addition. The adjustment of this transformation should be discontinuous

the less the number of parts that must be changed, the better. The changed parts will be installed by positioning pins, clamps, scales or digital displays without adjustment. In order to simplify these adjustments, these interchangeable parts are uniformly numbered according to the specifications of specific containers, and these numbers will be stored in the PLC

in order to make the working procedure simple and correct, all the changed parts of each bottle type are arranged in the same color sequence. When the product, bottle type, trademark, carton and pallet are replaced on the production line, the PLC change program can generally prompt the position, quantity and installation method of the changed parts to be replaced

in addition to the high one-time investment cost, other indicators of this kind of equipment are better than the conventional single high-speed production scheme

it is precisely because of the increased investment cost of equipment that restricts the research and development of rapid conversion production lines by equipment manufacturers. The main reason is to consider the capacity of the market and the economy of user investment

The development of automatic control theory and the wide use of computers have laid the foundation for the emergence of new technical solutions

CNC multifunctional liquid packaging production line with rapid conversion function has high equipment utilization rate and flexible production, which can respond to production changes. When the market demand or design changes, there is no need to change the hardware structure of the system, and the equipment has the flexibility to produce different products. Because it has obvious economic benefits over traditional technology in solving multi variety, medium and small batch production, and the fragments fly out like bullets, with the intensification of international competition, both developed and developing countries pay more and more attention to the development of flexible technology. The multifunctional design with rapid numerical control conversion is easier to realize in the small packaging production line

it is reported that the rapid conversion equipment for changing the bottle type of foreign packaging machinery first appeared in the field of cosmetics and drug packaging. As mentioned above, cosmetic bottle packaging is updated faster, and this market demand triggered the development of multi-functional packaging machines. There are basically two ways of fast conversion: some parts can be changed quickly without tools, such as the star wheel and guide plate of the filling machine; The other is the color of many disposable tableware and the lifting and lowering of printing cylinders. The adjustment of labeling machine, packing machine and stacking machine is controlled by PLC, and the operation of several servo motors is adjusted to the required position

whether a liquid packaging production line should have the function of rapid conversion, that is, whether the product is a single high-speed type or a multi-functional type, depends on the needs of users and its economy

4 limitations of multifunctional equipment

the versatility of large production lines may sometimes not be economical. Take the product variety change as an example. The filling valve of filling aerated beverage filling machine is more complex than that of filling non aerated beverage filling machine, and the equipment cost is high. An enterprise mainly produces aerated beverages, and occasionally produces a little non aerated beverages. It can purchase an aerated beverage filling machine to fill two products; On the contrary, if we mainly produce non aerated beverages and occasionally produce a little aerated beverages, if we configure the production line according to the aerated beverage filling machine, we may purchase a non aerated beverage filling machine and configure a small aerated beverage filling machine at the same time, which may be more economical than the latter

take the replacement of product bottle type as an example. The change of the shape and size of the drug or cosmetic bottle is relatively small, and it is easy to realize the rapid economic conversion. If the overall dimension of the bottle changes greatly, it needs to be considered separately. For example, a liquid filling machine needs to use two types of bottles with a diameter of 50 mm and 150 mm. Generally, small-size bottles have fast filling speed, small bottle spacing and high equipment speed; The filling speed of large-size bottles is slow, the bottle spacing is large, and the rotating speed of the equipment is low, because the rotating speed of the equipment should be designed according to the small bottle type, and the bottle spacing of the equipment (usually interpreted as the modulus of the equipment) should be designed according to the large bottle type, so the economy of the equipment is afraid to be greatly reduced. Bottle sorting equipment with high production capacity can not tolerate the design with large changes in bottle shape

for labeling, packing and palletizing equipment, the conversion of packaging is mainly realized by adjustment, and the realization of a new positioning dimension is implemented by servo motor, whose accuracy is beyond doubt. However, the stability and reliability of positioning after the position is realized depend on the rigidity of the positioner, which is also an aspect of increasing investment for large equipment. Therefore, for developing countries or developing enterprises, when the current labor cost is still relatively low, sometimes they prefer to use mechanical adjustment and mechanical replacement. The disassembly, installation and adjustment of many replacement parts will take more time, but compared with CNC fast conversion equipment, it can reduce investment

5 conclusion

nevertheless, with the increasing shortage of labor resources, the continuous increase of human costs, and the large-scale and modern industrial production

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