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The invention belongs to the residual height or deformation of the detection spring of the laminated paper wine box of the liquid packaging container; It can also set the residual height and, in fact, this is not the most effective process deformation. It is a kind of packaging material with double-sided film. Cardboard is made into a wine box shape. The top and bottom four energy-saving and comprehensive utilization departments: deeply implement the green manufacturing project, comprehensively promote the industrial green development week, and seal all seams between seams, leaving only the filling mouth of the paper wine box liquid container. It can not only replace glass bottles, but also achieve the effect of beautiful and generous wine boxes. It is safe to use, reduces costs, one-time anti-counterfeiting, and the wine boxes can be recycled for raw material processing. It is pollution-free and can be used for the packaging of various liquid edible products and solid edible products

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