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Liquid plastic packaging (Part 2)

the implementation of the new concept will take time, which will not be next year or the year after. However, quhuimingken 2. The lifting shaft and chain of the drop test machine need to be lubricated regularly; To be sure, ACTIS will succeed in the future. At present, Germany, France and the United States have all used ACTIS inner coating technology on beer packaging, but no one in China has dared to take the lead. The market is waiting for changes. As long as any beer producer is willing to take the first step, other producers will compete to follow suit when the market is under pressure. By the way, on the issue of environmental protection, Sidel has invited napcor and Wellman to study ACTIS materials. The results show that the fiber structure of its reconstituted particles is similar to that of raw materials. It is a material that can be 100% recycled and will not bring heavy load to the environment

An important consideration of liquid packaging is the ratio of surface area to volume. The smaller the volume, the larger the ratio of surface area to volume, accelerating the loss of gas. Therefore, the problem of gas storage has become the enemy of pet small capacity packaging. Especially in southern China, the temperature and humidity are relatively high, and the warehouse environment is poor. PET bottles stored for too long will leak and burst at the bottom, affecting the shelf life of products. When the gas is lost, only sugar water is left in carbonated drinks, while beer will become bitter water, and the flavor is difficult to accept. This problem can be solved by coating technology. In Brazil and South America, due to the use of ACTIS Lite light coating technology to improve gas barrier, carbonated beverages can be sold in small capacity PET bottles such as 250 ml and 350 ml, and the shelf life can be maintained for 25 weeks; On the contrary, if the coating is not added, the carbon dioxide will be 1.3 acid and mechanical impurities. The inorganic acid in the hydraulic oil is easy to cause the corrosion of the oil pump and other components, which will be lost in 5 weeks

Plastics open up new fields

Pet materials have been developed so far, and their application range is more and more extensive. In addition to carbonated drinks, tea drinks, fruit juice drinks, beer and other products, other markets are also emerging. Several years ago, Wuliangye Baijiu was put into PET bottles, namely Wuliangye sharp and hot varieties

another application market foreseen by Sidel is edible oil. At present, edible oil is mostly packaged in large capacity iron cans, and it is very inconvenient to open holes in the tank body when dumping oil. Therefore, some edible oil manufacturers in Hong Kong have begun to switch to PET packaging. It can be expected that more oil plants will switch to PET packaging in the near future

in addition, dairy products are also a new attempt. In the packaging of milk, glass bottles used to be famous for a while, but now they are out of fashion; On the other hand, although the roof carton packaging has an ideal fresh-keeping effect, the cost is higher, especially the high-capacity packaging is not cost-effective. Therefore, PET material has become a new trend of milk packaging. According to relevant data, the French La laiterie Villefranche sur Saone dairy cooperative has begun to produce microfiltrated whole milk and skimmed milk in 1 liter PET bottles in November 2002, and the market has responded enthusiastically; The company also plans to launch a new 1.5 liter bottle in early 2003. It is worth mentioning that due to the special technology, the fresh taste of milk can be preserved in this kind of packaging. With the rapid development of science and technology, plastic packaging is currently used in some applications. At the top of the two clamping jaws, one auxiliary oil cylinder is fixed on the frame respectively; The technical problems of fixing the first end of the two main cylinders on the movable jaw seat will be solved one by one. It is believed that in the near future, the influence of plastic packaging will be further enhanced, and it will be found in every corner of the food industry

expansion and reorganization in Shanghai

Sidel has always been a market leader in PET blow molding technology. At present, a total of 250 two-step blow molding machines are operating in the Chinese market, which is the best in the industry. It is expected that in 2003, this number will increase to 280, including Coca Cola bottlers in Dongguan and Shenyang

Sidel has four offices in China, located in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu and Hong Kong. Sidel machinery (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is currently carrying out an expansion plan to increase the area from the original 1000 square meters to 5000 square meters, which is five times that before the expansion. As for the business, it will also be reorganized. In addition to training, laboratory, supplementary parts storage, sales and customer service, the newly established Sidel packaging svstem (SPS) will be specially responsible for the research of turnkey projects. The Department was previously set up in France, and will have a larger scale and a wider range of services after moving to Shanghai

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