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Ranking list of logistics influence this week: SF Wang Wei's resignation, China Railway special cargo mixed reform

weekly news and comments on Logistics: ① Wang Wei no longer serves as the executive director of SF Express; ② China Railway special goods mixed reform under China Railway General Corporation completed the equity transfer

Wang Wei no longer served as the executive director of SF express

on March 1, the national enterprise credit information publicity system showed that the industrial and commercial information of SF Express Co., Ltd. changed, Wang Wei no longer served as the executive director and was replaced by Chen Xueying, while the legal representative was changed from Wang Wei to Chen Xueying

comments: presumably, many people in the logistics industry will have a lot of doubts when they see the news that "Wang Wei is no longer the executive director of SF express", and they don't know what happened to SF? However, SF responded to this news that this change will not have any impact on SF, and the shareholders of SF have not changed, but it is not ruled out that they will face difficulties in the future: whether it is for construction, it will change other business cards. However, although the legal person has changed, the largest shareholder behind the scenes is Wang Wei, so Wang Wei still directly controls SF. Zhaoguojun, director of the postal development research center of Beijing University of Posts and telecommunications, also said that Wang 5. Automatic display: Wei no longer serves as the legal representative of SF express in the whole experimental process, which does not mean the extinction of its relationship with SF express

it is reported that if combined with the statement of SF that "it will not rule out the change of other business licenses in the later stage", Wang Wei may focus his work on SF holdings in the future, focusing on the major strategies and decisions of listed companies. In 2018, SF continued to expand in the diversification of logistics business, which should involve more energy from Wang Wei in the future

China Railway special cargo Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "China Railway special cargo") under China Railway Corporation successfully completed the 15% equity transfer in the joint property exchange of production, trade, steel use and development in Shanghai, with a transaction amount of 2.365 billion. Prosper invested and participated in the mixed reform of special goods of China Railway, and the other five participating enterprises are Dongfeng Motor, BAIC motor, CRRC capital, JD logistics and CIMC investment

comments: last year, according to previous reports of relevant media, China Railway General Corporation Limited listed its subordinate China Railway advanced polymer composites, which can be widely used in automotive, aerospace, marine and energy fields, as a representative enterprise of joint-stock reform and mixed ownership reform. On December 17, 2018, it plans to transfer part of its equity, and the equity transfer price is not lower than the value assessed and filed

China Railway believes that by transferring part of the equity of China Railway special goods, while maintaining and increasing the value of state-owned assets, actively introduce social investors, strive to improve the market competitiveness of railway special goods logistics, and realize the transformation and upgrading to a modern logistics enterprise

after the 20% equity of China Railway specialty goods is listed and transferred, the joint-stock reform will also be launched and the initial public offering (IPO) will be declared in 2019. This means that the mixed reform and listing of assets under China Railway Corporation are already making substantive planning, and the listing process of China Railway special goods is more clear than that of Beijing Shanghai high speed railway

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