Bcm56340 newly launched by Broadcom meets byod Mob

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Broadcom newly launched bcm56340 to meet the needs of byod mobile office

yesterday, Broadcom launched a highly integrated exchange chip to help enterprises improve. This is because polymers are composed of long-chain molecules, so printing manufacturers must choose suitable friction coefficient film network performance. At the press conference, Broadcom announced the launch of a new system level exchange chip (SOC) solution, This series is optimized to meet the needs of employees' mobile office and the continuous development of enterprise network. Broadcom bcm56340 series has achieved a lot of innovation, simplifying the traffic configuration and monitoring of mobile users, and providing a safe, seamless and high-speed connection with data centers and cloud computing storage resources

according to the survey, 89% of enterprise networks support byod; 75% of American IT managers said that new rules must be formulated around security and equipment use; 90% of IT managers realize that the use of mobile devices poses a great threat to security; It is estimated that by 2016, there will be more than 600million 1/10/40/100 Gigabit Ethernet ports. It is the market driving forces from these four aspects that make the bcm56340 series come into being

we learned at the scene that the highlight of bcm56340 series products is that app IQ, a distributed intelligent security technology, provides large bandwidth deep packet inspection (DPI), which realizes finer grained application visibility; The integrated smart buffer function provides the best adaptive network congestion management and absorbs sudden workload; The integrated smart table technology provides large-scale types for these models with flexible configuration based on network topology, and our company will soon show you the second and third layer forwarding; The second layer multipath and network virtualization are realized through ieee802.1br, which realizes the best workload mobility; As well as large IPv6 forwarding, stacking capacity of up to 80g and optional 40ge uplink, it provides the highest scalability for the network environment of Fortune 50, which no longer worries about being unable to buy tickets

it is reported that the bcm56340 series is based on the mature StrataXGS architecture, providing line speed performance of more than 120gbps and large forwarding tables, which can enable the enterprise campus network to meet the growing needs of mobile user groups. Intelligent security technology app IQ allocates enterprise firewall functions to all access ports, eliminating network bottlenecks and providing deeper application visibility. Through the control and configuration of wireless access point tunnel port functions, this series of products seamlessly realize the unification and integration of wireless/wired networks. Bcm56340 series products highly integrate 48 port Gigabit Ethernet switching core, dual core arma9cpu and energy-efficient 10gbeserdes uplink on a single chip

with the increasing number of connected devices and cloud applications, the demand for bandwidth in enterprise networks is also growing rapidly, and the trend of byod office is becoming more and more obvious. Enterprise IT managers must build scalable and affordable security platforms in a unified infrastructure to adapt to this trend

Matthiasmachowinski, chief analyst of enterprise networking and video at infonetics, said: it organizations are facing increasing pressure to meet the needs of users to access applications and data anytime, anywhere and through any device. Among them, the most urgent is the high bandwidth, integration and intelligent security for a large number of users. Broadcom's latest enterprise level product innovation can consolidate the company's position as a leading supplier in the enterprise market

the number of mobile devices used in corporate offices continues to increase rapidly, which makes the network overburdened in terms of bandwidth, data security and service connectivity. IT managers are looking for solutions to significantly improve the agility and security of the network. In order to meet the challenges faced by enterprises, the new StrataXGS device of Broadcom is designed from scratch, which realizes the optimized stackable port density and performance, distributed intelligent security and unified switching function across LAN, WLAN and data center through a single chip. Ramvelaga, vice president and general manager of core exchange products division of Broadcom, said

according to Broadcom, strataxgsbcm56340 series has begun to provide samples of various optional devices, and mass production will begin in the second half of 2013

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