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Beware of plastic bags poisoning people in hot summer, the business of street snack stalls is extremely "hot". It was observed that in order to facilitate cleaning, some stall owners often put plastic bags on the tableware and replace it every time they use it. Fresh rice noodles, hot fried dough sticks, steaming steaming bags... Have "intimate contact" with plastic bags

Zhao Ruilin, chief of the second supervision section of the Health Supervision Institute of the Municipal Health Bureau, told that if unqualified plastic bags were used for food, when the plastic bags were heated, their toxic components would dissolve into the food. Many parts of the nervous system will be poisoned if people eat food such as special testing software, precise sensors and imported transmission structures for a long time

at noon today, the market survey on Shengli Street found that there were more than 40 stalls selling rice noodles, oil cakes and other food in the 30 meter long street, and these stalls were all without exception, but there was a significant difference between the two, and they chose to pack food in plastic bags. On the snack stand selling rice noodles, the stall owner poured the newly boiled rice noodles into the plastic bag together with the soup. The plastic bag is soft and deformed due to the hot food. According to the stall owner, about 100 people come to buy rice noodles every day. There are too many customers to wash the dishes. It is convenient to use plastic bags. The stall owner felt convenient, and the customers also felt hygienic. Mr. Su, who was eating rice noodles, said that he was used to such food packaging, and the use of plastic bags was common in snack stalls. "It's very clean. Don't worry about the dishwashing."

I noticed that some snack stalls on the roadside have thin plastic bags for bowls, mostly white. In the west market, a stall specializing in wholesale sales of plastic bags, with the increasingly fierce market competition, I saw the white plastic bags favored by small stall owners. The stall owner told that there are two kinds of white plastic bags here, one is slightly better, and the other is cheaper. We can see that 50 more expensive plastic bags are priced at 0.5 yuan, and the labels are marked with trademarks, manufacturers, etc. Another kind of plastic bag is a little yellow. The price of 50 bags is 0.45 yuan, and only the trademark and two numbers are marked on the label. The stall owner said that generally, families buy the kind that is more expensive. Snack stall owners wholesale those without a factory name more, and the price will be lower if they wholesale more

can this kind of plastic bag without factory name be used to hold food? According to Zhao Ruilin, normal plastic that can hold food. 7. The main raw materials of plastic tensile testing machine strain system inspection bags are polyethylene, polypropylene, etc; Unqualified ultra-thin plastic bags are mainly made of PVC with poor performance and some recycled waste plastics. When heated, they will release toxins and cause harm to human body. Long term use is tantamount to chronic food poisoning. (source: Shun Jinan)

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