BDO technology from Phthalic Anhydride waste of be

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Ryder's "BDO technology from Phthalic Anhydride waste" won the award

on April 14, the docking special session of major scientific and technological achievements transformation projects of the third China (Western) high tech industry and financial capital docking promotion conference was held in Chengdu New International Convention and Exhibition Center, including biology, chemical industry 11 major scientific and technological achievements transformation projects, including new materials, are discussed in this paper. Combined with our products, the development status of domestic spring testing machines is discussed. The name of the road show and docking exchange conference, and finally three new chemical materials projects won the "most investment value project" award

Lei Xiaochuan, director of Sichuan Technology Transfer Center, introduced that the 11 enterprises participating in the docking exchange were selected from 300 projects, including high-tech energy materials, intelligent power technology, mechanical casting, petrochemical steel, etc. the projects have leading scientific and technological levels at home and abroad, have great market potential, have a far-reaching impact on social life services, and are in line with the future economic development direction of Sichuan

it may even reach 50%. The three projects rated as "the most valuable investment projects" are "the industrialization of 25t large-scale and high-quality quartz glass" of Sichuan Zhongwu Shenguang Technology Co., Ltd., "the development and application of low viscosity PVB resin" of Chengdu Longcheng high tech materials Co., Ltd., and "the development and industrialization of BDO (1,4-butanediol) made from phthalic anhydride and maleic anhydride waste" of Chengdu Laide Biotechnology Co., Ltd

comprehensive and multi-level energy-saving technological transformation should also be carried out

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