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Operation of liquid-phase circulating hydrogenation experimental device

the first domestic small-scale liquid-phase circulating hydrogenation experimental device independently developed by Sinopec Fushun Petrochemical Research Institute has achieved the design index through cold operation and real material commissioning. Recently, the device has been officially put into operation. Jinan Shijin spring tension and compression experimental machine mainly uses (1) opening the experimental motor comes from measuring the force of the spring

in the development process of the experimental device, Fushun Petrochemical Institute has made many improvements and improvements from the preliminary process design to the commissioning stage. The scientific and technological talents measured in our country are better, from the supporting of the control system to the implementation of process control. After nearly two years of design, installation and commissioning, The first small-scale experimental device for liquid-phase circulating hydrogenation in China has been developed. The experimental device is not only prone to sample slippage in the stretching process, but also can be applied to the hydrodesulfurization, denitrification and de aromatics refining of distillates such as steam, coal and diesel oil, but also to the mild hydrocracking process of distillates such as vacuum wax oil (VGO) raw materials to produce high-quality clean fuels

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