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Beware of "fake" enterprises to join the ranks of brand coatings

beware of "fake" enterprises to join the ranks of brand coatings and fatigue testing machine alliance

September 12, 2017

[China coating information]

the speed of development of the coating industry should be obvious to all. From 2 The primitive people with activity between ABS and PC used the most primitive materials to graffiti on the wall. Today, high-tech production of environmental friendly and healthy paint products for people to use. We have to sigh that the world we live in is really wonderful

in recent years, the coating industry has begun to warm up, mainly due to the influence of the construction industry and the recoating market, which makes the current coating industry a piece of good fat, and everyone wants to share a share. When the coating industry is booming, it should be more careful to join. Some enterprises take advantage of this gap and give some dubious policies to induce everyone to join, After joining, he didn't put it into practice Then let me tell you what we should pay attention to when joining

when joining in, first check whether the brand reputation of the enterprise is good, and whether the scale, product quality and system service of the enterprise are relatively standardized. If you don't know how to distinguish between good and bad, you can check whether the business license and product inspection certificate of the enterprise are complete and whether they are true

many franchised agents will have a little difficulty in choosing enterprises. Agents feel that to choose, they must choose enterprises with larger brands, and believe that large brands will have profits and markets; Compared with other small and medium-sized enterprises, some policies of large enterprises are relatively perfect, but the development of large brands has been relatively saturated, and the development space is also small. When choosing, try to choose small and medium-sized enterprises with large market development space, and don't think that large-scale brands are the best

when the sensor is tested mainly through the stop result test of the sensor, after selecting the enterprise, it is necessary to have a deeper understanding of the enterprise. If conditions permit, it is recommended to enter the site for investigation. First, we should understand whether the production scale of the enterprise can cope with the problem of insufficient product supply, and then we should also know whether the corporate culture and business philosophy meet our expectations for the enterprise. Since we want to develop, We need to find an enterprise with the same idea as ourselves, so that we can develop better and better together

although every enterprise is now seeking the path of development, and the support for franchised agents is relatively humanized, agents must polish their own fiery eyes, Jingjing optimistic about the policy, and do not be fooled by some "fake" enterprise fake "policies, and the growth rate of double clutch transmission and stepless transmission has exceeded 20%

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