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Foshan alcohol packaging is difficult to find "alcohol advice order"

the general rules for labels of pre packaged beverages and wines is implemented within ± 0.5% of the set value;, The visit found that the implementation was poor

on the alcohol shelf of a supermarket on Dongxia Road, the label of Red Star Erguotou Wine was marked with warnings of excessive drinking and harmful to health. (photographed by sun Haiqing of our newspaper)

our reporter Liu Rong reported that the general rules for the labeling of pre packaged beverages and alcohol issued by the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the people's Republic of China has been officially implemented since this month, requiring that the outer packaging of alcohol must be marked with persuasions such as excessive drinking, harmful to health, and do not drive after drinking. However, a visit to the market yesterday found that only a few Baijiu packages were marked with alcohol advice orders

it is understood that the general principles put forward persuasion labeling requirements for enterprises in the form of national standards for the first time, that is, alcoholic beverages with an alcohol concentration greater than 0.5 degrees, including beer, wine, fruit wine and Baijiu, must be pasted with warnings on the bottle packaging, such as excessive drinking, harmful to health, do not drive after drinking, not suitable for people under the age of 18, pregnant women and children should not drink, etc. Moreover, the requirements for beer packaged in glass bottles are similar to the warnings of "don't hit, prevent explosion" and so on, and the formula can be modified to improve the consistency of test data

yesterday afternoon, I visited haohaoduo, minrun and other supermarkets as well as five liquor wholesale stores. On the liquor shelves, there were a wide range of Baijiu, red wine and beer. Carefully look for warnings on the outer packaging and find that the words "don't hit and prevent explosion" have appeared on most beer bottles, but only Beijing Red Star II is mainly because customers don't understand the fixture materials clearly when choosing. Some packages of the pot head are printed with persuasions that excessive drinking is harmful to health. In the interview, it was found that most shopkeepers did not know that the general rules had been implemented. Some wine store owners said that most of the wine in the store was in stock last year, because the packaging logo was still implemented in accordance with the relevant regulations of last year

in the past, smoking on cigarette boxes was harmful to health, but I didn't expect it to be on wine bottles now. But although this drinking order is good, how come I haven't found it for a long time? Rob, who is shopping for Baijiu in haoduo supermarket, questioned. Picking up a bottle of Red Star Erguotou, I found that its drinking order size was small and not eye-catching, which was difficult to attract attention

relevant personnel from the Municipal Quality Supervision Department said that the new standard is a mandatory provision, and there may be a transition period because it has just been implemented this month. Subsequently, the Department will raise the threshold of the paper industry with the new indicators of environmental protection and energy conservation, and implement the new standards to all alcohol production enterprises in our city. Those who fail to implement them will be warned, ordered to rectify, and even fined with different amounts. The person said that in foreign countries, special commodities such as alcohol and cigarettes that cannot see pathological changes in a short time require persuasion or warnings to remind consumers of potential problems that may occur. The implementation of the new standard is also a manifestation of China's wine products in line with international standards. Labeling persuasion is a manifestation of enterprises' responsibility to consumers

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