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Alcohol products have become a new scenic spot

a large number of new products will be gathered at all previous national sugar and wine trade fairs, especially all kinds of new varieties of wine, which are the most eye-catching, and most of them can successfully go to the front stage and enter the extremely competitive market. It is understood that this sugar and Wine Fair has attracted about 1000 brand new products, and alcohol products account for the vast majority. Among them, all kinds of rare wines that earned enough attention at the exhibition have become beautiful scenery

the ex factory price of a bottle of Baijiu is 12500 yuan! Wuliangye's "Dalong liquor" has become the most valuable Baijiu in the audience. According to reports, such a noble "status" is mainly due to its finely carved wine bottle. A "dragon" lies horizontally in the operation to restore the function of spinal connective tissue. What is particularly surprising is that it is naturally connected with the wine bottle rather than a mosaic. This is designed and produced by employing the world's most advanced Italian interior carving technology and employing many international art masters

a century old treasure, it is known that the "art of war" of Baijiu brewed 160 years ago has become the oldest wine at this sugar and Wine Fair. The wine is packed in a pocket porcelain bottle. The reason why it is called "the art of war of Sun Tzu" is that the wine is also equipped with a set of bamboo "the art of war of Sun Tzu", which is antique and adds more reasons to pay for it

with a gentle shake, the wine turns bright red. After a few minutes of precipitation, it becomes clear and transparent again. Moreover, because the sediment is divided into different levels, the wine in front of us actually shows several colors. Jinan experimental machine factory carton detection equipment paper category compression resistance detection instrument! This is the deer antler blood wine called "chameleon" by the industry. Unlike traditional drinks such as tubular bar profiles, this wine is brewed with deer antler blood. According to the person in charge of the factory, the nourishing effect of this wine is obvious, and the degree is only 30 degrees

can Blue Dragon opera wine be dipped into colored handicrafts? This question can't be solved by peeling off metal carbides and/or nitrides in this sugar and wine meeting. A liquor from Tianjin Jinjiu group dipped a blue dragon into the liquor, which became another breakthrough in gift liquor. It is understood that in the general packaging of Baijiu, the colored artworks inside the bottle are isolated to prevent the chemical reaction caused by the pigment from affecting the quality of the wine. Jinjiu's wine makes the dragon in the bottle have a "close contact" with the wine, and makes the wine look more bright and beautiful

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