There are 3 levels on the hottest box gluing machi

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There are 3 levels on the carton gluing machine. Adjust to make 5000 more cartons a day

there is a three-level factory in Zhejiang that can not improve the efficiency when using the semi-automatic box gluing machine. The workers in one shift do not stop working, making up to 7000 cartons a day, which seriously slows down the normal production pace of the factory! Especially at the end of the year, there are more and more orders, and the EXPEDITORS will blow up the boss. What can we do? Later, the boss called for a relatively high investment in research and development, and gathered a group of technicians to carry out technical transformation on the three key parts. After the transformation, the production efficiency was rapidly improved, and the production volume of the day increased from 7000 to 12000! How did they do it

after systematic analysis, experts found that the traditional semi-automatic box gluing machine has the following three defects in production:

1 The paper feeding system cannot be adjusted to speed up

2. The paper feeding and pushing distance is 300mm, and the paper pushing action takes too long

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3 The speed of the snapping plate is fixed, and it is not mainly used for metal and non-metal stretching, tightening and zigzag experiments. It is conducive to the carton forming and combustion growth rate index. It is an international standard item for testing formulated by the European Union, and the effect of correcting the scissors difference is poor

in view of the above shortcomings, the following three improvements can be made:

1 After the automatic paper feeding device

is added, the paper feeding speed can reach 30-70 M/min, which can be adjusted according to the actual situation of carton size and specification

2. Shorten the paper pushing distance

after the improvement, the paper pushing distance is 195mm, which is 105mm shorter than before. In this way, 10000 cartons will be made, and the paper pushing distance will be shortened by 1000m, which not only saves a lot of manpower, but also improves the speed and efficiency

3. After the installation of the high-frequency beating device

is improved, the correction beating speed is faster, which is conducive to the forming of cartons, and the quality problems such as the difference of scissors are greatly improved

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