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"Did you ask the decoration company for an invoice?" Recently, Wuhan home improvement network conducted a survey on home improvement consumption by netizens, which attracted the attention of many netizens. According to the survey data, nearly 90% of netizens said they didn't know anything about the decoration invoices of home decoration companies, and most netizens only had receipts and contracts of decoration companies. "It's the first time I've heard that I have to issue an invoice to find a decoration company for decoration." Some netizens said

it is natural for consumers to ask for invoices when purchasing goods, but nowadays, it is almost an unspoken rule of the home decoration industry to find a home decoration company to decorate without formal invoices or free invoices. The editor of Wuhan home decoration network visited many decoration companies in the city, and the reply was that the decoration companies basically did not issue invoices, and the quotation given to the owner on weekdays was also tax free. If consumers still ask for invoices, some companies will require customers to pay 3.8-6% more taxes

the owner who is negotiating with the designer (Figure)

Invoicing requires 3.8-6% of the tax for diplomacy

"beauty, you can rest assured that you have no reputation, and you are not long in this industry. We will issue you a receipt with a warranty card, on which there is our company's contact information and contacts. Once you find a product quality problem, you can contact us at any time." In a decoration company with a good scale, the designer told Xiaobian

when the editor insisted on an invoice, the designer said that if he wanted to issue an invoice, he had to pay more. "Furniture and building materials industries do not issue invoices, and so do our decoration companies. Look at the contract, the quotation we give you is tax free." The designer told Xiaobian, "if you have to make an invoice, it will be charged to you according to the tax point of our company, and you will need to pay an additional 5.8% tax. This is not cost-effective. You might as well choose a discount."

when Xiaobian showed dissatisfaction, the designer pretended to be embarrassed and actively proposed to Xiaobian. "If it is for personal use, there is no need to issue an invoice, so the price can be much cheaper."

Xiaobian visited dozens of decoration companies and found that the situation of decoration companies was similar. The quotation given by the decoration company is tax free. If you need to return the invoice, you must add the tax point of each company. At present, the tax points of decoration companies in Wuhan vary from 3.8-6%

nearly 80% of consumers choose home decoration without Invoicing

during the visit, Xiaobian found that most designers of decoration companies said they did not have the habit of invoicing, most of them issued receipts or signed decoration contracts as "vouchers", and less than one fifth of consumers chose to ask for invoices. Xiaobian interviewed some citizens on the spot and asked them whether they would ask the decoration company for invoices when decorating. Almost all the citizens interviewed said they did not have this habit, and they also knew that this was the "hidden rule" of the home decoration market, but once they asked for an invoice, the decoration cost would increase. In this case, they accepted it in order to save money

Ms. Liu, who lives in Wuchang, calculated an account for Xiaobian at the scene. She chose a half package of 60000 decoration. If you want to add 6% tax points, it will cost 3600 yuan more to pay taxes alone. "This is not a small amount. Anyway, the decoration company has also issued a receipt and warranty certificate. We have also signed a contract. If there is a problem, just take the contract directly to find it. It doesn't matter whether you want an invoice or not."

"if you don't need to pay, you can ask for an invoice, but the tax point is too high, it's not cost-effective. It's better to ask for a discount." Ms. Wu from Castle Peak said





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