How to supervise the construction of home decorati

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Owners are most worried about the problems of decoration companies “ Cutting corners means, so many owners will choose to go to the home decoration construction site for supervision and inspection, and without time, they will let their families or relatives take turns to supervise

for laymen, the professional things of interior decoration cannot be clearly understood, and the on-site supervision only plays a small role “ Deterrence. So, what should owners do well

signing of decoration contract: before decoration, we should be polite before soldiers. First, we should negotiate the details of decoration content, selection of decoration materials, construction progress, expected effect of decoration, later service and so on, and then write them in black and white into the decoration contract. Later, we also have evidence to rely on

decoration safety first: decoration safety can be said to be the top priority in decoration. There are many inflammable materials in decoration materials, such as paint, coating, wood building materials and so on. These decoration materials should not be misplaced, but should be classified and placed well. It is forbidden for the personnel of the decoration company to smoke and play with fire indoors

pipeline layout of decoration: hidden works such as water and electricity must be designed in advance. In order to prevent secondary reconstruction after occupancy and waste more energy and money, it is necessary to strictly control the Jerry built wiring and waterproof works, and the owner should also communicate with the decoration company about the placement of his future household appliances and some usage habits, so that your hidden works of water and electricity can be completed with high quality




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