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On April 20, the morning sun was rising and the spring breeze was blowing. The Shijiazhuang team of Xinxin wood industry set out early in the morning. They shouldered the heavy responsibility to go to hujiatan primary school in Zanhuang County on behalf of the "Xindong public welfare" of Xinxin wood industry to carry out the donation and teaching assistance activities

on April 20, the morning sun rose and the spring breeze was blowing. The Shijiazhuang team of Xinxin wood industry set out early in the morning. They shouldered the heavy responsibility to go to hujiatan primary school in Zanhuang County on behalf of Xinxin wood industry's "Xindong public welfare" to carry out donation and teaching assistance activities. Although the preparation work was busy late the day before and everyone got up early in the morning, they were in good spirits. After nearly 3 hours of peak wave, they finally arrived at the primary school in the poor mountainous area

"Xindong public welfare" is the love foundation organization within Xinxin wood industry. Since its establishment, it has always adhered to the principle of "heart, concentration and wholeheartedness" to do love undertakings, adhered to social responsibility as the responsibility of the enterprise, and adhered to love public welfare to add strength to the enterprise. Following the "donation of winter clothes" activity last year, this is the second time that "Xindong public welfare" has come to hujiatan primary school. When they entered school, the children were doing morning exercises, and they soon found the arrival of public welfare messengers. As soon as the morning exercises were over, they gathered around. Some took the initiative to help carry supplies, some ran to their sister who taught them last year, and others were asking where the teachers who had come were. The campus suddenly became lively

then, a short ceremony was held on the playground. President Zhang of hujiatan primary school expressed his gratitude for the selfless donation of "Xindong public welfare"; The enterprise representative of Xinxin wood brought the sincere greetings and blessings of all employees to the students. Next, the children were divided into three areas for activities. 1、 The second-year-old students each received flowerpots and seeds. Stars, sunflowers, calendula, daisies, colorful Dianthus, Campanula, etc. were planted in the hope of the children, and a vivid plant class was given; 3、 The fourth grade students began to make kites under the guidance of the teacher. Various images such as pleasant goat, Doraemon, bird, super Feixia, little mushroom appeared on the kites. The children happily watched their idols fly under the blue sky and white clouds; 5、 The sixth grade students came to the playground with brand-new badminton, table tennis and basketball. Because the children used to use a bare board racket, they didn't adapt at first, but by nature, the children began to play freely in a moment, and everyone was happy to play with the "teacher from the city"

at noon, we had a big pot of vegetables in the canteen with our classmates and teachers. The food was simple but enjoyable. After the meal, they were divided into two groups to visit and comfort the families of extremely poor students, and sent rice, oil and other items to encourage these families to live a strong life, study hard, and use knowledge to change their fate

because they are located in remote mountainous areas, the children of hujiatan primary school are basically left behind children. Some parents are seriously ill, some are single parent families, and even orphans. Most of them live with elderly grandparents all year round. They may not have laughed happily for a long time. Xinxin wood's big brothers and sisters are like young poplars, full of vitality and high spirits. They come to the children with warmth, sunshine and positive energy, bringing them laughter, love and hope! During the activity last year, many children didn't know the word "Xin" on the banner. When they came back this year, all the children shouted "Xinxin wood industry" loudly, and the public welfare messengers were also moved by the innocence and childishness of the children. Their deep love was transmitted to each other, and a true love flowed in the campus

it's really hard after a day of activities, but when children show excited faces in the spring sun, this should be the most beautiful reward. As the enterprise representative of Xinxin wood industry said, we have sowed the seeds of love here, hoping to take root, germinate, blossom and bear fruit, help and care more, and accompany the children to become the pillars of society

in the love cause of giving back to the society, "Xindong public welfare" will always move forward, so that love will never stop





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