How to control the temperature of the floor heatin

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1、 A temperature control device is generally installed in typical locations (living room and master bedroom) for flat floor houses. The temperature control device is connected to the wall mounted boiler. The temperature controller directly adjusts the boiler feed water temperature according to the room temperature setting. During operation, the temperature of each room rises and falls at the same time. During the door-to-door commissioning of different circuits in each room, the staff of le'anju manually adjust the water separator ball valve based on experience, set the opening of valves in different circuits, change the flow of different circuits, and adjust the relative high and low room temperature in different rooms

second, the duplex house type is mostly controlled by zones. Generally, a water distributor is set separately on each floor, and a temperature controller is set to feed back the temperature in the area to the water inlet valve of the water distributor, adjust the water inlet flow, and then adjust the temperature of the floor where it is located. The temperature of each room on the same floor rises and falls at the same time

third, the owners of single family villas have high requirements for comfort, and the use functions of the rooms are quite different (master bedroom, children's room, bathroom, garage, guest room, gym, function hall, etc.), which often requires room control, that is, temperature control adjustment is adopted for different circuits on the same water distributor

IV. there are many kinds of temperature controllers, including mechanical and programmable digital LCD. It is recommended to use LCD programmable temperature controllers. Mechanical temperature controllers can only manually adjust the temperature. The thermal stability of the floor heating system is good. When the temperature is found to be high or low, manual adjustment takes several hours to achieve indoor temperature adjustment, and real automatic temperature control cannot be achieved. The feedback signal of the temperature controller can be transmitted wirelessly or wirelessly, and it can even be remotely controlled through the network for houses that do not often live





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