Shuda mattress shocked and opened the city Carniva

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At the beginning of the new year, Shuda mattresses in the United States has sounded the clarion call for the Spring Rush purchase of Shenghui in the mattress industry. Driven by the previous proud performance, this year, Shuda mattresses rallied its strength to jointly open a people-friendly feast through online and offline channels, attracting the attention of many consumers

In recent years, sleep quality has become a hot topic in society, and many modern people urgently need a high-quality sleep life. Shuda, a world-famous mattress brand, provides technical support for its products with the sleep research results of the global sleep research center, and provides consumers in 192 countries and regions with high-quality ways to improve sleep - with miaoye buckle spring system, the unique material and technology of Shurou quilting layer, and edge reinforcement support system to reduce the interference of sleeping partners, so that people can stretch their limbs at will, so as to obtain a good sleep experience, The three core technologies jointly meet the needs of consumers

as the only officially recognized brand of the International Sleep Foundation, the two new products launched by Shuda this year, extraordinary Viva and excellent joy, not only continue the advantages of the three core technologies, but also add antibacterial materials derived from Canadian technology and have different sleeping textures on both sides

amazing discount III ・ blockbuster discount starts

in 2018, Shuda mattress "amazing discount III" greatly promoted the shock start, which greatly benefited the whole country! Every customer can experience a more comfortable and accessible sleep at a lower price. Such a heavy gift is expected

I. national 100 person group purchase grand gathering

activity time: January 17 - March 4, 24 hours without closing

activity rules:

a. when customers buy online groups, they should pay a deposit of 100 yuan in advance. If 100 people participate, the group will be successful and enjoy the factory group purchase price. If a group is successful, it will automatically close, and the second group will automatically open immediately, and so on

b. customers pay the balance at the store

c. if there are more than 100 people, it will be regarded as a success, and the 100 yuan deposit will not be refunded. If there are less than 100 people in the group after the event, it will be regarded as a failure, and the 100 yuan deposit will be refunded the same way

second, the athletes will earn big gifts

1. Earn points in sports

a. the validity of activities and points is from January 16 to March 3, a total of 47 days

b. scan the QR code to enter and register the applet

c. start the program, officially start the activity, and the points begin to accumulate

d. points accumulation method: daily steps, others' praise, stealing points, others' steps gift

e. the maximum score is 35 points/day, and the maximum score during the whole activity period can reach 1645 points

2. Points for gifts

3. One yuan online second kill. From January 19, every Friday at 12 noon, mattress protection pads, nap blankets, Shuda sheep, and up to 300 yuan of exclusive store cash vouchers! Wait for you to rob

surprise break III, ready to go, please look forward to it

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