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The bathroom is more and more concerned about temperament. The bathroom decoration of temperament is very important. Now people pay more and more attention to the bathroom decoration, because the continuous improvement of living standards not only pays attention to the function of the bathroom, but also requires aesthetics. However, bathroom decoration is the most complex part of the overall home decoration. For most people, it is like a busy war. In fact, as long as we grasp the key points, it is not difficult to make this decoration campaign beautiful

bathroom cabinet is a new product of bathroom hardware. It is a marginal new industry produced by the intersection of furniture industry and bathroom industry. In just a few years, it has mushroomed and flourished, and the industry competition has almost reached a white hot level. While the entire bathroom industry has been seriously affected, the bathroom cabinet products in the bathroom industry have bucked the market trend, and the market response is strong, and the bathroom cabinet enterprises are making rapid progress. The market sales of enterprises specializing in the production of bathroom cabinets, such as Xinhai Jialan, Gaudi, frank, Nancy, wei'ou, have increased significantly, and the enterprises have developed rapidly. However, behind the rapid development, the bathroom cabinet industry has more areas that need to be improved

Zhongshan Dimei sanitary equipment Co., Ltd. launched a refrigerator type bathroom cabinet in 2009, which applies the fresh-keeping and sterilization function of the refrigerator to the design and production of bathroom cabinet products, providing consumers with a completely different experience from the previous bathroom cabinet consumption. This can be described as a revolution in bathroom products and has attracted widespread attention in the industry. It is understood that in addition to environmental protection, performance and other aspects, this product also breaks through the limitation that bathroom cabinets are not suitable for mass production. Since it was put into the market last year, more than 300 dealers have sold this product in China, and more than 40 countries around the world are selling this product

regional development is obvious

at present, in addition to some sporadic local small brands, most bathroom cabinet manufacturers are mainly concentrated in Guangdong, Zhejiang, Sichuan and Fujian, and there are also a small number in Shanghai and Beijing. Relying on the advantages of geography, industrial chain, talent technology, resources, logistics and other industries, Guangdong and Zhejiang have far greater radiation capacity, competitiveness and influence of products than other places. Among the bathroom cabinets in the above places, the bathroom cabinets in Guangdong Province have the most advantages and competitiveness

“ If some dealers are agents of brands in Guangdong Province, they must require that the origin of Guangdong be marked on the outer packaging, otherwise they will not be able to sell at a good price& rdquo; A person in charge of a bathroom enterprise said so. It is understood that at the annual Shanghai kitchen and bathroom exhibition and Guangzhou building materials exhibition, more than half of the bathroom cabinet exhibitors are enterprises from Guangdong and Zhejiang

there is no shortage of bathroom cabinets without any products.

open the websites of several bathroom enterprises, and the promotional materials and advertisements of bathroom cabinets are overwhelming. At the 14th Foshan Ceramics Fair, the author also received many brochures of bathroom cabinets& ldquo; In many local building materials markets, large and small bathroom cabinet brands can be found everywhere. The market may lack other products, but there will be no shortage of bathroom cabinets& rdquo; A dealer who came to Foshan from Shenzhen to participate in the Ceramics Fair told the author

in Foshan, many bathroom enterprises are also stepping up the bathroom cabinet project. According to the author's investigation, some manufacturers in the furniture and cabinet industry have switched to the production of bathroom cabinets due to fierce competition and low profits in the industry. With their own advantages in technology and equipment, they occupy a place in the market. Some manufacturers of shower rooms, steam rooms, leisure bathroom and ceramic basins, in order to broaden their industrial chain and make their products have complementary advantages, they either go to other factories to affix labels or produce their own products, and also go to bathroom cabinet projects one after another, relying on their existing market sales network to enter the market, so as to win the perspective of consumption





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