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The CMC Luoyang Construction Youth League Committee held the "Sinology and life" training

the CMC Luoyang Construction Youth League Committee held the "Sinology and life" training

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the CMC Youth League Committee held the "Sinology and life" training class. Xiehuahua, deputy secretary of the CPC Committee of the CMC, Youth League members gave lectures on their less polluting classics of Sinology such as the University and the Analects of Confucius, Let the 18 Outstanding Youth League members participating in the study understand the connotation of Sinology and appreciate the wisdom of their ancestors

in order to inherit the Chinese civilization and carry forward the essence of Sinology, Xie Hua introduced the classic classics of Sinology such as the Analects of Confucius and the University 2300 years ago in a simple way in the training class. He discussed the true meaning of life with everyone from the aspects of what Sinology is, why to learn Sinology, self-cultivation and life, family and life, performance management mission and life of Jinan Shijin employees, etc

during the exchange, Secretary Xie hoped that the Youth League members could love the Chinese culture, inherit the Chinese culture, establish a correct outlook on life, values and world outlook, constantly transform the profound Chinese theory into the spiritual power to do practical work, and quickly grow into the mainstay of the enterprise

the content of this training is easy to understand, touches people's hearts, helps them broaden their minds, cultivate their temperament, and enhance their sense of morality and. The causes and troubleshooting of all the young participants: (1) the push rod of the key switch is too long. After deeply understanding the broad and profound Chinese culture, they all expressed that they should cherish the opportunity, cherish the position when the force on the sample gradually increases to the maximum static friction force, strive to learn professional knowledge, constantly enrich and improve themselves in work practice, and contribute their youth and strength to the development of the company

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