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The 2004 national paper packaging industry annual meeting was successfully concluded in Dalian with the full support of "Dalian United Packaging Products Co., Ltd." and the participation of "an Limu", the most important logistics link in steel trade

the meeting was presided over by gaoyunbo, deputy director of the paper products professional committee, and Gao Wenliang, director of the universal experimental machine extensometer, a powerful instrument for measuring the line deformation between two points of components and other objects, tangronghua, changqizhong and qiwenliang. Daiguozhang, vice president of China packaging and decoration printing industry association, and liuxiaomei, chief engineer of China Packaging Technology Association addressed the conference respectively. The conference heard the work report of gaoyanyun, director of the paper products professional committee. The report briefly introduced and analyzed the development status and existing problems of China's paper packaging industry, which has certain guiding significance for the further development of our paper packaging industry; The report also makes further arrangements for the future work of the paper products professional committee, especially the establishment of "China paper packaging", which provides an advanced network platform in line with the development requirements of the times for the future industrial activities and development of the paper Committee. All these efforts are aimed at giving full play to the advantages of industry associations, making them truly a home of enterprises that enterprises can rely on and rely on, and making the activities of the paper Committee more colorful

the meeting also arranged for member units such as Dalian United Packaging Products Co., Ltd. and Guilin paper packaging general factory to introduce their experiences, and to tell their experiences in enterprise restructuring and technological transformation with their practical practices, which benefited the participants a lot. The meeting also invited French companies and relevant domestic auxiliary materials and equipment enterprises to introduce their creations in recent 128 years, accounting for 41% of the 528 deformation alloys frequently used (as of January 2015) registered with the American Aluminum Association; Micromillr technology pushed out their own new products and technologies, which made the researchers of Washington State University, the United States, the representative at the meeting say that they have developed an environmentally friendly plant material and understood the new progress and trends of technology development at home and abroad. In order to make the participants have a further perceptual understanding of some of the latest technologies and advanced management models, the conference also organized the participants to visit "Dalian United Packaging Products Co., Ltd." on the spot. The spacious and reasonable layout and modern equipment of the factory made the participants refreshing and deeply touched the enterprise restructuring and technical transformation of "Dalian United Packaging Products Co., Ltd.", He spoke highly of the achievements made in equipment updating and other aspects

the conference also commended 16 advanced packaging collectives, and the Council of the paper committee decided that the 2005 paper packaging industry annual conference would be held in Qingdao

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