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The Youth League Committee of shanre construction machinery trade union vigorously launched a series of Cultural Year activities. The Youth League Committee of shanre construction machinery trade union vigorously launched a series of Cultural Year activities. Introduction: this year is the company's corporate culture year. In order to cooperate with the theme activities, further enhance the cohesion and creativity of the company's employees, enrich their spiritual and cultural life, and create a rich, communicative and inclusive corporate culture atmosphere, From the beginning of the year, the labor union and the Youth League Committee of the company organized the labor union to divide

this year is the "year of corporate culture" of the company. In order to cooperate with the theme activities, further enhance the cohesion and creativity of the company's employees, enrich their spiritual and cultural life, and create a strong "communication and inclusiveness" corporate culture atmosphere, since the beginning of the year, the trade union branch and Youth League branch organized by the company's trade union and Youth League Committee have closely focused on the theme of "culture leading quality driving", Actively organized and carried out a variety of activities for the year of corporate culture

take the "Apprentice Competition" as the carrier to improve the skills of employees

. The skill competition is divided into two types of work: painting and welding, including operation skill competition and theoretical examination

On March 20, the assembly branch held the first apprentice skill competition in the skill improvement class of the branch. The competition is divided into assembly group and painting group. The members of the competition come from the master apprentice combination of each team

the master apprentice competition, to a certain extent, stimulated the enthusiasm of employees to "learn technology, compare skills and create excellent products", and formed a good atmosphere for new and old employees to compare, learn, catch up, help and surpass in the branch. It is understood that the requirements for the control method of the experimental machine before the competition are almost all for speed control. Many new employees take the initiative to practice at noon or after work in the afternoon. The master apprentice competition provides a platform for new and old employees to exchange and communicate skills. The master apprentice competition enables employees to recognize the gap in their skills, which is undoubtedly an effective incentive for the improvement of employees' skills

take skill competition and operation training as the starting point to improve employees' quality and safety awareness

on March 31, the quality assurance Part Inspection Room skill competition and machine inspection room skill competition held by the quality assurance branch of the labor union also met the relevant requirements of GB, ISO, ASTM, Jin and other experimental methods, comprehensively improved employees' operation skills, improved employees' quality awareness, and implemented the "quality driven" work focus

On May 8, the manufacturing branch of the trade union held a skills contest in the logistics center. The competition was divided into two parts: theoretical and practical assessment. More than 60 people participated in the competition of sorting, forklift, driving and other subjects

this skill contest has stimulated the enthusiasm of the staff to improve their business skills. They are looking for gaps, practicing skills, and enhancing their awareness of standardized operation. At the same time, some problems exposed will play a better role in promoting the next targeted work and improving the safety and quality awareness of on-site staff

take cultural and sports activities as a platform to enhance employee cohesion

on March 8, the East office on the second floor of Jining company laughed repeatedly, and a fun sports meeting for female employees with the theme of "I participate and I am happy" kicked off

in the 97th Arbor Day in 2012, the young employees of Jining company also responded to the call and joined the army of afforestation

on the afternoon of March 15, all cadres and employees of the branch offices braved the continuous drizzle to carry out the eighth set of broadcast gymnastics movement standard education in the square in front of the company's office building, and successively held a series of activities, such as the badminton competition of the League branch, the inter departmental broadcast gymnastics competition, the knowledge competition of the staff's code of conduct, and the oral English training

on March 26, the labor union and the Youth League general branch of Jining company organized single young men and women to participate in the social dating activity hosted by Qilu Evening News

on April 11, the jinjietuan branch held a qualification competition and planned to carry out tug of war competition, employee Symposium and other cultural activities loved by employees in the near future

On May 3, the Youth League Headquarters of Jining company participated in the "young talents vs angels in white" friendship activity held by the Youth League Committee of Jining first people's hospital

such activities are of great significance to enrich the cultural life of employees, promote their unity and cooperation, and enhance their cohesion

take the opportunity of "creating and building" activities to play the leading role of advanced models

the "creating and building" activities have made great efforts in consolidation, promotion and expansion, carried out the "youth civilization" in the company's Youth League branches, and carried out the "mobile red flag" team activities in the assembly branch, metal structure branch, logistics center and quality assurance department, so as to cultivate influential advanced collectives, teams or individual advanced, Cultivate advanced individual models with excellent benchmarking. Each branch of the trade union has done a good job in the selection of moral models and other kinds of advanced evaluation, paid close attention to the publicity of advanced deeds, and promoted the work of the company to a new level

with the "love fund" as the medium, efforts were made to cultivate employees' sense of society

in order to stimulate employees' sincere love and sense of society, the assembly branch and the assembly regiment branch of the labor union, after two months of planning, held the signing and launching ceremony of the assembly branch's "love together, love mountain construction" love foundation at noon on April 28. The funds of the student aid and love foundation are mainly used to help students who are both excellent in character and learning and have difficulties in their families. They use actions to convey love, so that more children can feel the love and warmth from the society

On April 29, the assembly love foundation made donations to shenhongyao from eight lakes in Hedong District and mengfansheng and mengxiangxin from Yinan. Not only sent them love, but also sent them support and encouragement

the employees of the love foundation have accelerated the transformation of scientific and technological innovation achievements every time they come to a family. Seeing their tears in their eyes and their gratitude to us, the employees still can't relax. During the exchange, they not only showed their gratitude, but also encouraged themselves to make greater efforts to live up to the expectations and love of our mountain reconstruction machine

when he donated money to mengxiangsheng in Hutou village, Yinan, his grandfather saw that the employees of our love foundation were already in tears. He said: I am 84 years old this year. I really appreciate your love, or my grandson will drop out of school after the summer vacation...

for thousands of out of school and facing out of school, the efforts and love of assembling the love foundation may be insignificant, but we believe that as long as we work hard, love, like the love light of the data heart foundation, will eventually illuminate a piece of land

give people roses, and their hands have lingering fragrance. Although the love foundation shed a little warmth, it achieved a noble life. "Helping the poor" is a traditional virtue of the Chinese nation. Let us join hands to make love spread more widely and further. Let love not only be a noun, but also a series of actions full of love and dedication compiled by our care and enthusiasm. Let's actively practice our sense of society, stimulate our sincere love, and let our children truly feel the warmth of the reconstruction machine from the mountain and the warmth from the society

recently, in order to further promote the construction of corporate culture, the labor union and Youth League Committee of the company plan to launch the second employee basketball game, young employee debate game, employee sports meeting and other activities

corporate culture condenses the hearts of the people and achieves great results. The company's trade union branches and Youth League branches have carried out a series of activities to build corporate culture, which have enriched the spiritual world of employees, strengthened exchanges and communication, and effectively condensed the centripetal force. All employees of shanre Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. will unite as one, strive to overcome the difficult economic situation and write a new chapter of shanre construction machinery in the new journey with the company's corporate culture spirit as the driving force

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