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The Youth League Committee directly under the headquarters of the group company held a "face-to-face talk about growth" exchange activity on September 27, the Youth League Committee directly under the headquarters of the group company held a "face-to-face talk about growth" exchange activity between young employees and the general manager. The exchange activities are carried out in the form of growth sharing and interactive exchange. In the face of the enthusiastic questions from the young employees on site, Si Zefu fully affirmed the important role of the young employees in the development of the group. In combination with his own career path, the development planning and talent policy of the group, he answered the hot issues that the young employees were concerned about that the enterprise would no longer produce and smelt gold. Si Zefu said that young employees were able to understand, pay attention to and think about the development of testing products in all aspects of the group company: problems, and more put their own development on the development of the group company, which moved him very much. The group attaches great importance to the introduction and training of talents, and is also striving to create various conditions so that all kinds of talents can give full play to their high strength and maximum potential on the platform of Dongfang Electric. Dongfang Electric should not only produce qualified first-class products, but also cultivate qualified first-class talents. Many young people have expressed that they will further strengthen their ideals and beliefs, further increase their knowledge, and further improve their skills in mediating and resolving the economic tensions of the people, such as aerospace, national defense, kerosene chemical industry, transportation, etc., further refine their products in Germany, further work hard, live up to the ardent expectations of the group leaders, live up to the times, and give full play to their talents and talents on the broad stage of Dongfang Electric Show your life value and work hard to build Dongfang Electric Group into a world-class major technical equipment group with international competitiveness. This activity has set up a good and zero distance communication platform between the group's management and young employees, which is conducive to timely passing on the group's development ideas, deeply listening to the voices of young people, cultivating a harmonious cultural atmosphere, and stimulating the enthusiasm of young employees for their jobs, dedication and innovation, It is an important measure for the group company to implement the spirit of the important speech made by General Secretary Hu Jintao at the celebration of the 90th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China and the youth work conference of central enterprises. It is also a specific measure for the group company to pay attention to, care for and care for youth. Mo Wuming, assistant general manager of the group company, director of the human resources department and Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee directly under the headquarters, zhangxinnong, deputy director of the Party group work department and chairman of the trade union directly under the headquarters, and more than 100 representatives of young employees under the age of 35 who have joined the company in recent years participated in the exchange activities

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