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Ordinary posts create extraordinary achievements - record of Zhou Yilei, head of logistics management section of Chery forklift

ordinary posts create extraordinary achievements - record of Zhou Yilei, head of logistics management section of Chery forklift

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Guide: he is handsome and masculine; He always conscientiously performed his duties and kept forging ahead; He relied on excellent quality to succeed, and bravely fought for the first-class with firm faith; He has been honored as an advanced individual every year since the establishment of the company. No matter how much he works

he always conscientiously performs his duties and keeps forging ahead

he relies on his excellent quality to succeed, and with the firm belief of ultra-high performance lightweight materials with the perfect combination of ceramics and graphene, he bravely strives for the first-class

he has been honored as "advanced individual" every year since the establishment of the company

no matter how hard his work is, he is consistent and creates extraordinary achievements in ordinary posts

he is Zhou Yilei, head of logistics management section of Chery forklift

conscientiously perform their duties and constantly forge ahead

since entering Chery forklift in 2010, Zhou Yilei has been engaged in the logistics work of the company and is responsible for the logistics administration of Chery forklift factory. As a department manager, he frankly prefers to organize everyone to work together, so that employees can give full play to their subjective initiative

with the company's "building a learning organization and creating an advanced subculture" activity, he was even more busy. He left a figure in every corner of the company. When he was tired, he lay down on his desk for a rest, and then devoted himself to intense work. He always reminded himself that the impact testing machine would be relatively simple in ordinary use: no matter how hard it is, don't forget to insist; No matter how busy you are, don't forget to smile

when he learned from his colleagues that muscle strain was caused by high work intensity, but he always insisted on working, he smiled and said that a little injury at work was normal, and the most important thing was to have a normal heart. In his work, he always speaks the least and does the most. He uses his own actions to inspire everyone and lead everyone to work wholeheartedly. This is his personality charm

in her spare time, Zhou Yilei enrolled in a tutorial class to improve her overall quality. He said that learning is like sailing against the current. If you don't advance, you will fall back. He also insisted on reading a book every month. When we saw the reading notes he wrote, there were neat lines of small block letters, just like his meticulous expression when working

rely on excellent quality to get things done, and strive for the first-class with firm faith.

the molecular structure is in shape. During thunderstorms, Zhou Yilei's biggest worry is whether the doors and windows of each department are closed properly, and whether the electrical appliances will be flooded because the doors and windows are not closed tightly, thus affecting the normal work of each department. He said Chery forklift was like another child of his. In mid August this year, Wuhu City was attacked by "sea anemones". In order to minimize the loss of the company, he led the staff of the logistics management department to various departments and workshops to check the closure of doors, windows and electrical appliances. At the same time, in order to enable the employees to return to the dormitory safely, Zhou Yilei arranged the remaining employees to pick them up to work

in the first half of the year, due to the construction of the company's new factory, he devoted all his energy to his work. A five-year-old child suddenly had a high fever and received a call from his family. He just went to his wife who was also busy with his work and asked her wife to take her children to the hospital for drip treatment, but he focused on his work. Last Saturday and Sunday, he didn't take a day off...

Chery forklift employees came from all over the country. Every holiday, All employees have to go home to visit their relatives. Facing the fact that it is very difficult to buy train tickets on holidays, Zhou Yilei always tries to help employees buy train tickets in order to relieve their worries

in the logistics management section of Chery forklift truck, you can not only feel the enthusiasm for work, but also raise the lifting arm by 1 angle α You can also feel the harmonious atmosphere of unity and kinship among colleagues. A colleague revealed that everyone affectionately called Zhou Yilei the 1890 of Chery forklift. No matter big or small, he is the first one who comes to mind. He never complains and always tries his best to provide convenience for employees. Driven by Zhou Yilei, the business of colleagues is everyone's business. No matter who has something to do, everyone will stretch out a friendly hand and make a contribution, so that everyone can feel a warm affection. Everyone twisted into a rope and hugged into a group. With such a team, there are no insurmountable difficulties and insurmountable difficulties in work and life

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