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Ordinary plastics will still occupy the main position in the packaging raw material market

according to the China Petrochemical News, with the increasingly stringent environmental requirements, traditional plastic packaging is increasingly challenged by degradable plastic packaging and paper packaging. Degradation has a very wide speed range and beam moving distance. Can plastic packaging and paper packaging completely replace ordinary plastic packaging? Recently, many industry experts said that ordinary plastics will still occupy the main position in the packaging raw material market

Tang saizhen, senior engineer of China Light Industry Information Center, said, "it is impossible and unnecessary for degradable plastic bags to completely replace ordinary plastic bags, because all kinds of plastics have their own positioning. Degradable plastics are mainly positioned on consumer goods that are disposable, difficult to collect, dirty and uneconomical to recycle."

for the current situation that paper packaging is popular, Yuan Guangyu, a professor of the Department of environmental science and engineering of Tsinghua University, believes that although the Jinan gold assay cold and hot impact testing machine for paper packaging can be used to test the structure of materials or the biodegradability of composite materials, in the process of production, recycling and reuse, paper products produce several times more pollution than plastics. Combined with the strategy of sustainable development, it is unscientific to advocate replacing plastic with paper

it is learned from Zheng Kai, Secretary General of China Engineering Plastics Industry Association, that in the future, packaging will be the largest application field of plastics, and ordinary plastics will still be the protagonist of pipe pressure tester parameters in the packaging raw material market

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