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Today's CIF price of China's main port in the organic market

quotation of China's main port: (USD/ton, CIF):

ethylene glycol 830 (-10, equivalent to RMB 8383/ton), diethylene glycol 715 (-10, equivalent to RMB 7222), styrene 1020 (-10, equivalent to RMB 10210/ton). FOB (FOB) quotation in South Korea: toluene 655 (-10, equivalent to 6717 yuan/ton), xylene 650 (0, equivalent to 6565 yuan/ton), pure benzene 750 (-40, equivalent to 7575 yuan/ton), ethylene 930 (0, equivalent to 9393 yuan/ton in 2008), propylene 950 (0, equivalent to 931 yuan/ton organized by COMAC, Shanghai Academy of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Beijing Research Center 0 yuan/ton) Butadiene 1330 (0, equivalent to 13433 yuan/ton)

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