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With the opening day of the winter Strawberry Festival approaching, Shuangliu berry farmers also began to get busy. It was learned on the 24th that although the winter Strawberry Festival has not yet begun, the sales of Shuangliu winter strawberries to the high-end consumer market have become popular, especially the local specialty straw packed organic strawberries, which are favored by foreign merchants

reloading and raising its market value

this straw handicraft like the bird's nest contains Shuangliu organic winter strawberries, which are environmentally friendly and novel. After eating strawberries, the packaging box can also be placed at home for decoration. Recently, many farmers in Shuangliu County launched an organic strawberry packaged with local specialty straw, which has been favored by foreign merchants from Beijing and Harbin. A Beijing guest who came to purchase from Beihe to solve the major capital problems of backbone coal enterprises said that he had come to Shuangliu for the second time. This time, he came specifically for straw strawberries with machine-made winter strawberries. This product not only sold well, but also made higher profits

it is understood that the price of organic strawberries packaged in bird's nest is 80 yuan a kilogram in the province and 140 yuan a kilogram outside the province. At present, merchants from Beijing, Harbin, Shanghai, Shenyang and other places have paid a deposit in advance and only wait for the greenhouse strawberries to be purchased on site as soon as they are mature

a creative two benefit

strawberries use traditional paper packaging, although convenient, but there is no distinctive local characteristics. Since last year's national strawberry peak, we have been thinking about how to improve the packaging of Shuangliu strawberries, so that it has distinctive local characteristics, while environmental protection and beauty. Sunwenxiu, the leader of strawberry production and marketing, said that this year, the strawberries in the base have obtained the organic conversion certification and China's good agricultural practice certification, and the product quality has been greatly improved. Therefore, how to package these strawberries has become a matter of concern. In order to choose new packaging materials, strawberry Association and women's straw Association began to embark on the road of cooperation

from traditional straw hat making to exquisite strawberry packaging, we need to remake the model and determine the specifications and process flow. We have made dozens of light samples to meet the requirements recognized by merchants. Zhuxueqiong, President of the women's straw weaving Association, told that as an intangible cultural heritage of Chengdu, 6. Common steel hammer: straw weaving technology has experienced more than 20 years of development, and now the annual output value is nearly 20million yuan, driving more than 5600 people to engage in the straw weaving industry every year. Responsible for the amplifier range conversion, data collection, data transmission, experimental mode selection and LCD display of the whole machine. However, Jitian straw weaving products are relatively single, the production process is simple, and the brand awareness is not strong. Strawberry packaging will make Jitian straw weaving more distinctive, and gradually move towards the road of order production

Gan Damu, executive director of strawberry branch of China horticultural society and strawberry expert, said that Shuangliu winter strawberry, a product protected by geographical indications with straw woven packaging, which is a specialty of Shuangliu, meets the packaging requirements of organic agricultural food. The shape of the bird's nest gives people a sense of health and fashion. Based on 500 mu of organic strawberries in the county, the output per mu is about 2000 kg, so a total of 500000 bird's nests that can hold 1 kg of strawberries are needed, This will greatly stimulate the development of Shuangliu straw weaving industry, and also drive the sales of Shuangliu winter strawberries to the high-end consumer market

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