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Last week, the market price of organic propylene in the United States was discussed at 46 5 cents/pound, propylene market price continued to decline on Monday. I heard that the highest counter-offer price in August was 46.125 cents/pound, and the only counter-offer price for refined propylene in September was 45.5 cents/pound. On Monday, I heard that there was no offer for refined propylene. Refined propylene rebounded slightly on Tuesday. How to improve the air quality in the car is also very important. I heard that the highest counter-offer is 46.25 cents/pound, and the lowest offer is 47 cents/pound. There are August September transactions at 47 cents/pound in MT belvieu. As of the close on Tuesday afternoon, there was a transaction at 46 cents/pound. Meanwhile, the refined propylene market is still in a downturn. On Tuesday, most market participants were concerned about the tropical storm landing in the Gulf of the United States. Many buyers and sellers are concerned about the price of crude oil and gasoline. At the same time, the propylene market trend was stable on Wednesday, and I didn't hear of the quotation, counter-offer and actual transaction. It is said that Hurricane Dean will gradually approach the once used shore of the U.S. sea, and traders will always pay attention to the dynamics of the hurricane. It is said that equis7 Tls-s double digital display spring tension and compression testing machine tar and BASF are expected to overhaul the ethylene plant in September. In the RGP market, there are two quotations of 47 cents/pound and 47.2 "5 cents/pound respectively. There is a counter-offer of 45.5 cents/pound, but I haven't heard of the actual transaction of propylene.

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