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Organic hot water curing vacuum infiltration equipment and its sealing technology

organic heat curing infiltration sealing technology -- completely solve the sealing problems of cracks, micropores, sand holes and so on in metal castings and powder metallurgy parts. In the manufacturing process of die castings and powder metallurgy parts, due to crystal shrinkage and other reasons, a large number of micropores, sand holes and cracks are inevitably formed, and micropore leakage brings hidden dangers to the use of machinery and equipment. Even if it is used for purposes without pressure requirements, it may cause internal corrosion due to the entry of cleaning agents, acids, etc. into the parts during electroplating, painting and other surface treatment, which shortens the service life of the parts. Due to the existence of micropores, surface painting Bubbles or bumps are formed by electroplating, etc

make the scribed line (or side) on the swing rod coincide with the scribed line on the scribed plate

with the continuous ammonia smell of microporous sealing technology, it is possible to find and develop from the following positions to manufacture perfect castings and finished metallurgical materials

the use of t88 and T90 vacuum infiltration hot water curing microporous sealant solves the technical problems that have plagued the foundry industry for a long time. The equipment investment is small, and the operation is simple, fast and high reliability (the success rate of one-time infiltration is 98% to reduce the impact of human factors on production). It can make the design of parts thin-walled, can bear high pressure until the parts burst, and reduce the proportion of previous need to rework and recast to zero. Compared with other processes, it greatly reduces the cost of producing hydraulic experimental machine. In China, especially in the motor vehicle manufacturing industry, the demand for t88 and T90 is growing rapidly, mainly used for regulators, carburetors, automatic transmission housings, motor vehicle cylinder blocks, cylinder heads, crankcase, compressor housings, etc

with the development and application of this technology, it is more and more widely used in various fields of industrial manufacturing

vacuum pressure infiltration equipment and its supporting use of infiltration agent. The infiltration equipment can effectively seal the leakage of castings caused by microporous defects. It is mainly used for cylinder blocks, cylinder heads, pump casings, valve bodies and other pressure containing castings of engines in aircraft, ships, trains, automobiles, motorcycles and other mechanical manufacturing industries

advantages of organic infiltrators

1 Simple operation and high efficiency. An infiltration process can be completed in 45 minutes, and the qualified rate of workpiece is more than 98%

2. 100% reactive curing without shrinkage, the cured product is tough, aging resistant and excellent in chemical medium resistance. It can seal 1.5um ultra-fine pores

3. Easy to clean without affecting the surface accuracy of the workpiece. It does not corrode metals and is completely harmless to operators and the environment

4. The infiltration of powder workpieces after sintering can speed up the processing speed and greatly prolong the service life of cutters

5. The casting is infiltrated before electroplating and painting, which can prolong the service life of parts and improve the quality of surface treatment

compared with the cost of inorganic acid sealing salt and synthetic resin, although the material cost of inorganic acid sealing salt and synthetic resin is only a fraction of that of thermosetting infiltration agent, the cost of scrap castings is comprehensively compared. Adjustable consumption. Labor cost saved due to greatly improved efficiency. The cost of convenience will be greatly reduced by heat curing infiltration process


a curing mechanism

t90 by raising the temperature to initiate the polymerization of monomers to form a thermosetting plastic to fill the pores

b basic performance

composition: T90 is mainly composed of a mixture of methacrylate monomers

in view of the microporous sealing problems in powder metallurgy, casting production and other industries, an infiltration center is specially set up to professionally manufacture infiltration equipment and produce high-quality organic impregnation solutions t88 and T90 to meet the needs of domestic customers for solving the microporous sealing problems such as cracks, micropores and sand holes in metal parts

our factory specializes in providing "turnkey project", which is the only manufacturer in China that has the production capacity of high-quality immersion solution, and can customize stainless steel vacuum infiltration equipment according to the needs of users. It can provide customers with one-stop high-quality service, and also reduce the use cost for customers. (end)

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